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Published by: Kevin Sears

22nd June 23


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No bathroom is complete without a Wash Basin. They’re an integral part of our daily routine and play an equally important role in influencing the style and experience of the bathroom.

There are so many decisions to make and options to choose from, which is why we've created this handy buyer’s guide to help you find all of the answers you’re looking for.

Three important questions when choosing your bathroom basin

How much available space do you have?

Before you do anything, spend time determining:

  1.  how much space you can dedicate to your wash basin 
  2. how much space it needs to be used comfortably and conveniently within your bathroom. 

Your available space – and more broadly, the type of bathroom you’re buying for – will dictate the type of wash basin you should be looking at, so it’s a great first action to refine your search. 

Once you’ve worked this out, you can identify a size range for your ideal basin. The three key measurements you need to look at here are length (measuring across, left to right), width (front to back) and depth (top to bottom).

How do you want your basin to be mounted?

Size isn’t the only differentiating factor between types of basin. How the basin is mounted is of equal importance, as different basins are designed to be installed in different ways.

A big consideration here is how you want your basin to look – what style are you going for? 

Another is if you need extra storage: a Vanity Unit will provide you with new space to store your bathroom essentials; a Wall-Mounted Basin, on the other hand, won’t give you any additional storage space. Much of your thinking here will be determined by your answer to question one.

What style of basin tap will you pair your basin with?

You may feel like you’re getting ahead of yourself with this question, but it’s a fundamental one to start with. This is because the type of Basin Tap you can choose is largely dependent on the type of basin they can work with.

You don’t want to be in a position where the basin you’ve bought doesn’t work with your dream taps.

Again, style isn’t the only factor to focus on. You also need to consider pre-drilled tap holes in your basin and also your home’s water pressure, as different mixer taps come with different minimum water pressure requirements.

The different types of bathroom basin

There are many different types of wash basin. Cloakroom Basins, Counter Top Basins and Vanity Units are three of the most popular options found in most bathrooms.

Cloakroom basins

Designed for compact bathrooms, ensuites and of course cloakrooms, cloakroom basins and bathroom sinks are the perfect choice for smaller spaces.

A popular choice combining functional features with style and innovation, cloakroom basins help to optimise your room and keep it user friendly. 

Thanks to their popularity, cloakroom basins are available in a wide variety of styles; our European-sourced basins are available in two sizes: 500x250mm and 400x320mm.

Explore our wide range of premium cloakroom basin designs. 

Counter Top Basins 

Often found in contemporary, luxury bathrooms, counter top basins provide class, sophistication and practicality.

Typically sat atop a vanity unit or worktop, counter top basins combine a striking, scene-stealing aesthetic with one of the most sought after features of any bathroom: storage capacity. And because vanity units are available in a wide range of shapes, colours and styles, opting for a counter top basin also grants you a design flexibility that can be rare when putting together your dream bathroom. 

View our wide range of round, oval, rectangular and square countertop basins

Vanity units

The height of practicality, bathroom vanity units combine subtle storage space with a wash basin or bathroom sink. Often presenting as a small cupboard – with the cupboard acting as a stand for the sink – vanity units are a popular, convenient choice for bathrooms of all sizes and styles.

With choice across a huge range of finishes and colours, vanity units are available in a wide collection of styles themselves: Cloakroom Vanity Units are designed for cloakrooms and smaller bathrooms; Traditional and Freestanding Vanity Units for bigger bathrooms; Wall-Hung and Counter Top Vanity Units are the contemporary choices; Double Sink Vanity Units provide the luxury of two sinks and vast storage space below. 

Our range of contemporary vanity units begin with single door units available in widths of 500mm, going up to double draw units with 1200mm widths.

See our full range of vanity units here

Other key considerations when buying a basin

Basin taps

There’s plenty more to consider when you come to buying the perfect Basin Taps for your basin and bathroom. 

You can choose from basin mixer taps, the contemporary, innovative alternative to the classic pillar taps, Wall Basin Mixer Taps – attached to the wall above the basin – or the classic style of deck basin mixer taps, which are attached directly to the basin.


Basin wastes

Basin Wastes play a crucial role in your bathroom, connecting your basin to its waste supply. More commonly known as plugs and plug holes, basin wastes are what enables the basin to fill with water, and the water to drain away from the basin when opened or unplugged.

There are four main types of basin waste: plug and chain, click clack, pop-up wastes and flip top:

  • Plug and Chain is the classic choice, with the plug’s chain connected to the overflow for easy use. 
  • Click Clack Wastes are operated by simply pushing the stopper down to close the waste and pushing it again to open it, and are the more contemporary choice. 
  • Pop-up Wastes, another modern choice, are opened and closed by a lever that’s typically located behind the tap. 
  • The Flip Top Waste applies a disc-shaped stopper that manually rotates to open and close the waste – the perfect choice for the minimalist bathroom.

Explore our full range of premium and practical basins wastes to suit any bathroom style.

Bottle traps

An essential fixture in any bathroom, Bottle Traps are what prevents gases, bacteria and even insects from travelling up pipes and into our homes and buildings. 

Bottle traps enable bathrooms to stay hygienic and odour-free through a bottle-shaped canister design – where the name comes from.

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