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Basin Wastes

Premium and practical basins wastes to suit any bathroom style, from contemporary to classical. Explore our range of basin wastes made to the highest standards

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a basin waste?

A basin waste is what both connects your basin or bathroom sink to its waste pipe and what allows the basin to fill with water. Known separately as plugs and plug holes to many, basin wastes are what enable water to drain away from the basin when opened or unplugged. 

Are basin wastes a standard size?

Basin wastes are only available in 32mm (or 1.25 inch). They are, however, available in four separate types: the traditional plug and chain, click clack, pop-up wastes and flip top. 

What type of basin waste do I need?

Plug and chain, click clack, pop-up wastes and flip top are the four main types of basin waste. The key difference across these four is how the drainage plug is opened and closed.

Plug and chain is the traditional choice for classic bathrooms, with the plug’s chain connected to the overflow for easy use. Click clack basin wastes are a more contemporary choice, operating by simply pushing the stopper down to close the waste and pushing it again to open it. Pop-up wastes are another popular, modern choice, opened and closed by a lever that’s typically located behind the tap. The flip top waste is perfect for the minimalist bathroom, comprising a disc-shaped stopper that is manually rotated to open and close the waste.

Our basin wastes are a variety of colours and finishes to match your bathroom aesthetic: chrome plated, brushed nickel, black and brushed gold.

What's the difference between a slotted and unslotted basin waste?

The key difference is based on whether the basin has an overflow or not. If it does – which is most of the time – the basin waste will be slotted. This is because there is a slot in the basin waste that drains away excess water from the overflow when the plug is closed. If the basin doesn’t have an overflow, it will require an unslotted basin waste.

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