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Cloakroom Basins

Combining compact and functional with style and innovation. Cloakroom basins and bathroom sinks are the perfect, space-saving choice for cloakrooms and small bathrooms. Choose from a wide range of British premium designs. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing a Cloakroom Basin

You’re adding a cloakroom or an ensuite bathroom to your home – or maybe you’re giving new life to an existing one. From adding a priceless new toilet to a busy house, to increasing the value of your property, there are so many pros to adding a cloakroom or small bathroom to your home.

But you already know this. What you may not be sure of is how to best use your new space.

By definition, cloakrooms and ensuite bathrooms are typically on the smaller side – making space one of the biggest factors in your design decisions. Your basin needs to be compact, which is why cloakroom or ensuite basins are – as their name suggests – the perfect choice.

If you’re going to find the ideal cloakroom basin for your bathroom, you first need to measure and visualise the complete space and plot in the essentials you want to fill it. This means working out the ideal locations for your toilet and basin or bathroom sink, and any bathroom furniture or storage. Don’t only consider how much space these items will require, but also how much space you’ll need to use them.

Once you’ve got a complete picture of your cloakroom and you know the perfect size requirements of your basin, choosing the right one becomes a much easier task!    

What is a cloakroom basin?

Cloakroom basins are specifically designed for compact bathrooms and cloakrooms. A popular choice and available in a wide range of styles, they’re the practical basin for smaller spaces, helping to optimise your room and keep it user friendly. 

What is the typical size of a cloakroom basin?

Our Italian-sourced cloakroom basins are available in two sizes: 500x250mm and 400x320mm.

Can I use a cloakroom basin in an ensuite bathroom?

Yes. Cloakroom basins are perfect for tight bathroom spaces thanks to their compact design, which makes them a very popular choice for ensuites. 

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