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Robe Hook

Create space in your bathroom with our elegant, minimalist robe hooks. Available in four versatile and popular finishes, our collection of robe hooks will add both style and tidiness to your bathroom.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you put a robe hook?

Robe hooks come with plenty of design flexibility: they can be installed on virtually any door or wall in your bathroom. However we’d recommend keeping them within arm’s reach of your shower and/or bath in most bathrooms.

Best practice would be to install your robe hooks around 1650-1780mm above the floor, in order to give your robes and towels enough room to hang without dragging. If you have multiple robe hooks, try to install them approximately 200-220mm apart. 

(h3) How many robe hooks should you have in your bathroom?

There is no perfect number as it depends on two variables: the size of your bathroom and the number of people using it. Ideally you have one robe hook per person to avoid a mix up, and to give your towels and robes another room to breathe and stay fresh. However this may not be possible if you have a smaller bathroom without the sufficient spare space for multiple hooks.

Can you mount a robe hook on the door?

Yes, you can install robe hooks on most doors – in fact, they’re a great use of otherwise unused door space. It’s a straightforward DIY task, however the job may change if you have a solid or hollow door – and so will the volume of weight you can put on the hook once installed. 

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