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Steel Baths

Classic luxury for contemporary bathrooms. Our range of premium glazed titanium steel bathtubs will bring class and sophistication to your space for decades. All exclusively made from contemporary German designs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The benefits of choosing a steel bathtub for your bathroom


Steel bathtubs retain heat for much longer than acrylic tubs, which ensures that the bath water stays warm for longer. Steel also quickly absorbs the warmth of the water, including in the neck area and around the tub’s edge.


Famed for their long-lasting toughness, steel bathtubs can go the distance. Our steel baths are also coated in a wafer-thin layer of glaze, which makes their surface harder than marble, plastic and steel alone. The glaze is also fireproof and non-flammable.

(h3) Maintenance

Easy to clean and an unpopular environment for mould, bacteria and other unwelcome guests, steel bathtubs are straightforward to maintain for their lengthy lives. The glazing on our range of titanium steel bathtubs makes them extra resistant to dirt and bacteria, and resilient to damage from cosmetics and bath additives.


Steel is a natural raw material that’s completely recyclable. So, when your tub does approach the end of its long service, you can give it another life as something else.

Installing and caring for a steel bath

Installing a steel bathtub follows the same process as installing any other built-in bathtub. The process changes, however, in both required steps and difficulty depending on whether you’re directly replacing an old bathtub or not.

Regardless, the process of installing your new steel bath will involve firstly turning off your water supply, removing the old tub – if it exists – prepping the floor for your new bathtub, framing the walls, attaching the plumbing to your newly installed bathtub and securing the tub to its framing.

A really important step that some forget is protecting your new tub from bumps and scratches that could happen during the installation process – you can simply use the box it arrived in for this.

Once your steel bathtub is installed and in use, caring for it will be very straightforward. Our glazed titanium steel bathtubs are extra resilient against cosmetics and bath additives, and won’t react badly to harder cleaning products, so you can use them. If you’d rather not, a simple solution of water and white vinegar sprayed over the tub and left for 15 minutes before rinsing – done at least once a month – should do the trick!

What is a steel bath?

A steel bath is a bathtub made from steel metal that’s often coated with ceramic or porcelain. They’re a classic, traditional option popular for their durability, heat conductivity and limescale resistance, among other qualities. Our range of steel bathtubs are coated with a wafer-thin layer of glaze, which makes their surface harder than marble, plastic and steel alone.

What is the benefit of a steel bath?

Steel baths come with a wide range of benefits.

They have a classically beautiful aesthetic, a long-lasting toughness and are brilliant at retaining their quality and finish. Steel baths are also easy and straightforward to clean, providing an unfriendly environment for mould and bacteria, and presenting very few problems from limescale. Steel baths work as great heat conductors, which is very helpful when you want them to warm up quickly!

What is the difference between steel baths and acrylic?

Most modern bathtubs are made from either steel or acrylic – steel is a metal alloy, whereas acrylic is a synthetic plastic.

Finished with a wafer-thin protective glaze, our range of titanium steel bathtubs are much more resilient to scratches, marks and chemicals than acrylic tubs. Steel bathtubs can also retain heat for much longer than acrylic tubs – ensuring that the bath water stays warm for longer – and quickly absorb the warmth of the bath water.

Are steel bathtubs good?

Steel bathtubs are a great choice for many bathrooms – it’s why they’re one of the two most popular types of bathtub today. They’re long-lasting, stylish, easy to maintain and are great at conducting heat. 

How long do steel baths last?

Steel bathtubs are known for their durability, especially when finished with a hard-wearing glaze. 

Do steel baths scratch easily?

No. Thanks to hard-wearing glazes and other coatings, steel bathtubs have a strong resistance to chips and scratches.

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