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Stylish storage and contemporary mirrors to add the finishing touch to any modern bathroom. Choose from our premium, practical mirrored bathroom cabinets to combine shelf space with sophistication, or bathroom mirrors that give your space simple elegance.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to Choose a Mirrored Cabinet for Your Dream Bathroom

Step One: Find Your Size Range

As it always is, the crucial first step is to measure your available space and work out how big your dream mirrored cabinet to be. Storage is always at a premium in the bathroom, so our tip is to go with the largest cabinet you can.

Finding a range for width, height and depth is a great starting point because it gives you that much-needed flexibility of choice before moving on to step two. First, know that it’s common to have a mirrored bathroom cabinet that’s the same width or larger as the vanity unit below it.

Our mirrored vanity units are available in widths of 500-900mm, heights of 700-800mm and depths of 35-135mm.

Step Two: Say Yes or No to Lighting

Built-in lighting can add so much to your mirrored cabinet and entire bathroom, but it’s not for everyone or every space. Deciding whether you want it or not is a great way to filter options out.

(Step Three: Pick Your Style

Now’s the fun part: finding a mirrored bathroom cabinet model – one that meets your criteria from steps one and two – in a style that perfectly slots into your bathroom!

What type of cabinets are good for the bathroom?

Mirrored bathroom cabinets are one of the most popular items of bathroom storage or furniture. That isn’t only because they’re a sleek, stylish and luxurious addition to any bathroom – it’s also thanks to their multiple purposes.

In a single unit, mirrored bathroom cabinets provide vital storage space for your bathroom and personal essentials, the all-important bathroom mirror, and with many designs, ambient lighting that’s perfect for early mornings and late evenings.

Our range at 34 St John also all come with a built-in shaver socket and illuminating infrared sensors.

What is the standard bathroom cabinet size?

Bathroom vanity cabinets are available in a wide variety of sizes to suit different bathrooms, with models typically available in widths ranging from 450mm up to as big as 1800mm.

Our mirrored bathroom cabinets are available in widths of 500-900mm, heights of 700mm and depths of 130-135mm.

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