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European-sourced bathroom taps merging innovation with contemporary styles for any space. Discover our huge collection of Bath Taps and Basin Taps and add a touch of class and sophistication to your bathroom.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How to choose your bathroom taps

Step 1: Check your water pressure

It’s vital that the taps you choose are appropriate for your bathroom’s water pressure. If you’re unsure, always speak to a professional.

Step 2: Know your tap holes

Checking if your basin or bathtub has tap holes – and knowing their sizes if so – will make sure that you’re looking at the right taps.

Basins without tap holes enable you to potentially choose the cleaner look of wall-mounted mixer taps. And if you are working with tap holes, it’s important to know how many pre-drilled holes yourbasin has so you can find the ideal tap style to fill them.

Step 3: Pick a style

Do you want a classic look? Perhaps modern bathroom taps are right for your bathroom? Bathroom taps – known as faucets across the pond – come in a vast range of designs and colours, and making this distinction will be a great way to filter out what you’re not looking for.

Step 4: Find the right finish

The tap’s finish is arguably just as important as the style and design you choose, especially if you’re looking to create a complete and consistent bathroom look. And beyond aesthetics, the finish of your tap will determine how it will mark and be cleaned.

What are the Different Types of Bathroom Taps?

Wall Basin Mixer

Think basin mixer taps but mounted to the wall – hence why they’re also known as wall-mounted mixer taps. Wall basin mixer taps are popular for their tidy, premium finish, the waterfall effect many designs create, and the ease with which they can be cleaned.

Freestanding Bath Mixer

Freestanding bath mixer taps are attached to the floor, with a single outlet that hangs over and into the bath. Freestanding bathtub taps are used as the focal point in many premium bathrooms – a brilliant way to convey luxury thanks to their striking appearance.

Deck Basin Mixer

Providing a more traditional look, deck basin mixer taps sit atop the basin or bathroom sink. Also known as deck-mounted basin taps, many designs within this category provide a modern take on the classic hot and cold tap styles.

Bath Filler

Where freestanding bath mixer taps steal the show, bath fillers focus on space-saving and elegant minimalism. Known to some as an overflow filler or centrafill bath filler, this type of tap fills the bath from the overflow hole to create a simple modern look.

Can you change bath taps without removing the bath?

Yes, in most cases. But while you may have the tools and knowledge to replace bathtub taps yourself, it’s always a good idea to consult a trained professional. And if you do go it alone, don’t forget to isolate your water supply first.

What makes a good quality bathroom tap?

Good quality bathroom taps are reliable and very long lasting. At 34 St John, we only stock premium taps that tick both of those boxes. When an issue does occur with premium bathroom taps, it’s often an issue that’s arisen during installation.

What colour bathroom taps can I choose from?

Our bathroom taps are available in chrome plated, brushed nickel, black and brushed gold finishes

Which type of bathroom tap is most commonly used and why?

Across both bath and basin, bathroom mixer taps are the most popular in the UK. This is mainly thanks to the ease of use they provide, especially when it comes to temperature control. 

How long should it take to replace bath or basin taps?

In most cases, replacing a bathroom tap should take between 30 minutes to one hour. The number may vary based on the type of tap being installed and the experience of the person performing the installation. 

Do all taps fit all baths?

No. Different baths can have different tap holes and different tub designs. Both factors will narrow down the type of tap you can install. 

If you’re installing a new bath, know that most baths don’t have pre-drilled holes, which means you have much more flexibility when it comes to choosing the perfect bath tap.

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