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Black Vanity units

Introduce a bold and luxurious statement to your bathroom with our black vanity units, a collection that defines modern elegance. These units, ranging from minimalist to intricate designs, easily complement any decor.

Each black vanity unit provides spacious storage to keep your bathroom organised and tidy. The durable, easy-to-clean surfaces of these units make upkeep simple, ensuring they retain their sophisticated appearance.

Enhance the visual appeal of your bathroom by complementing your black vanity unit with black taps and a shower set, along with matching black accessories, like a black toilet roll holder or a black toilet brush

Read FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I keep the black finish on my vanity unit looking new?

Your bathroom has been designed with minimal maintenance in mind. Please note, for daily use, any spills or pools of water should be dried up immediately after use. Cleaning should only be undertaken using a lightly dampened cloth, no abrasive creams or bleach type liquids should be used. 

Does a black vanity unit make my bathroom appear smaller?

No, with proper lighting and colour balance, black vanity units can add a sophisticated depth to your bathroom without making it feel smaller.

Is a black vanity unit versatile with different colour schemes?

Yes, black is incredibly versatile and can complement nearly any colour scheme, adding a luxurious contrast and elevating your bathroom's design.

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