About Us

Welcome to 34 St John, home of your most indulgent bathroom desires.

Within these walls is every style, colour, design, aesthetic and vibe you could choose – and then some.

Here you can revel in choice, recline in beauty and wallow in luxury, as we present an eclectic range of products, curated to jumpstart your imagination, and take you on a journey to the bathroom you’ve always dreamed of. The bathroom you deserve.  

This is 34 St. John. Welcome home.

Bathroom Heritage

There is no substitute for experience. Here at 34 St John we have a wealth of it – 200 years, in fact.

We have been in the bathroom trade for as long as there have been indoor bathrooms; passed down through six generations of the Farmiloe family and filtered through artists, entrepreneurs and businessmen to bring you a service that really has withstood the test of time.

Farmiloe & Farmiloe historically only sold business-to-business, however, in August 2023, we launched 34 St John as our direct-to-consumer brand.

From our origins in Clerkenwell, London, we have built a company on a foundation of integrity, honesty and quality. Although our address may have changed in recent years, we carry that heritage forward in the name 34 St John.

We’re curating a new home for beauty, luxury, design and the pursuit of bathrooms that are utterly unique, and indulge your innermost desires.  

Panders to your design decisions – furniture made in any colour - just for you. This is your space. Indulge it.


Your bathroom can’t be cordoned off, or kept behind glass. It’s lived in – day-in, day-out.

This is why quality and longevity are ingrained into everything we create.

We source all our materials from Europe, working with trusted family-run manufacturers and world-class crafters to find the perfect balance between striking design and solid quality that lasts.

After all, textures should be tactile, mirrors need to be looked into and the floor is going to get wet eventually.  


34 St John is a home for those who are looking for something more than off-the-shelf, catalogue-friendly home décor solutions.

The bathroom is the most frequented room in your house – a place of honesty and vulnerability. A place that, arguably, sees you for who you truly are.

A bathroom is more than a utility space – it is your sanctuary, and it should reflect every facet of who you are, unapologetically and with bold assertion.

You can have art purely for art’s sake. Why shouldn’t the same apply to your bathroom?  

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