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Sliding Shower Doors & Enclosures

Contemporary, design-focused sliding shower doors and enclosures to suit compact bathrooms, larger spaces and everything in between. Blending practical with premium, our versatile units are the perfect accompaniment to your modern shower set and shower enclosure. Available in four stunning finishes.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are sliding door showers good?

Sliding door showers are a popular option that come with plenty of pros, providing a streamlined, contemporary look that can suit many different bathroom styles, spaces and layouts.

They’re especially perfect for smaller bathrooms, as the glass sliding door requires virtually no extra space and doesn’t swing out to take up room in your bathroom. And because they’re such a popular option, sliding doors are available in many different styles and options, and are easily customised to your bathroom.

Another big advantage of sliding door showers is that they’re great at keeping water inside the shower enclosure, even when opening and closing the door.

Do sliding shower doors leak?

Sliding shower doors are not commonly prone to leaking problems. In fact, sliding doors are very effective at preventing water from escaping the shower.

Can I install a sliding shower door myself?

Yes, you can install a shower door by yourself. However, doing so can be difficult without the proper set of tools and prior DIY experience. Comprehensive guides can be found online, but if you’re unsure we’d always recommend that you consult a trained professional. 

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