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Bathroom toilets that expertly combine premium with practical. Made exclusively to the highest standards from contemporary Italian designs. Explore Back to Wall Toilets, Close Coupled Toilets, Smart Toilets, and Wall Hung Toilets in our wide collection.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Different Types of Toilet

Back to Wall Toilets

Perfect for contemporary bathrooms, stylish and compact back to wall toilets see the toilet cistern and pipework cleverly hidden – with only the toilet pan visible – to create a tidy finish. Perfect for the space conscious.

Close Coupled Toilets

As the name would suggest, close coupled toilets unite the toilet pan and cistern to create a single unit – rather than the two being separated – that offers a more traditional style. Close coupled toilets are very easy to install and are another great fit for bathrooms needing to save space.

Smart Toilets

Smart toilets – sometimes known as Japanese toilets – are much more high tech than the traditional toilets many of us are used to. Smart toilets are often equipped with sensors that automatically activate the toilet’s flushing mechanism, washing and drying functions, and they’re known to be more sustainable than alternatives; perfect if you’re building a smart home.

Wall Hung Toilets

Like back to wall and close coupled toilets, wall hung toilets are a compact option and ideal for smaller bathrooms and cloakrooms. Often known as wall mounted or floating toilets, this style of toilet is raised off the floor to give a modern, minimalist look that’s easy to navigate as your clean it!

What do I need to know when buying a new toilet?

There are several things to cross off before you place your order.

First is determining where in your bathroom your new toilet will be and how it will fit in that location – the space you have available to you will help you narrow down the type of toilet you choose. And it’s not only about measuring the length and width of your space – also think about height!

You should also know the type of plumbing connection needed to install the toilet, and the connection to the toilet’s soil pipe (what the waste will exit through) and the soil stack below. Both will be dictated by the type of toilet you choose as different styles of toilet have different requirements.

Finally, make sure you have a good idea of how the toilet will be installed and by who. It’s always a good idea to get a quote or two beforehand.

What is the most popular type of toilet?

Thanks to their stylish design and easy installation, close coupled toilets are the most popular type of toilet in the UK.

Which toilets are the best at flushing?

There are various types of toilet flushing system, with new technologies always in the pipeline to create more powerful, hygienic and, now more important than ever, sustainable flushing systems.

Focusing on power, pressure-assisted flushing systems are considered to be the most effective. But if we were to focus on sustainability, the dual flush system would be considered best because it enables reduced water usage.

What does dual flush mean and what are the benefits?

A toilet with a dual flush system has two flushing options: a reduced flush – using up to 50% less water – or a full flush. Water efficient dual flush systems are a great option if you want a toilet that’s more environmentally friendly and cost efficient.

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