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Blue Vanity units

Explore our blue vanity unit range, designed for luxury and calm. From ocean blue to soft blue, these units enhance any bathroom with style and tranquillity. They're crafted to fit various decor styles, making a significant impact as a statement piece.

Our blue vanity units prioritise functionality, offering ample storage and easy-to-maintain surfaces, ensuring long-lasting vibrancy. Pairing these units with wall mounted brushed brass taps and a white countertop basin can elevate your bathroom's look and utility, creating a space that's both inviting and reflective of your style.

Opting for a blue vanity unit is a smart choice for any bathroom. It not only enhances the space with its stylish design and practical benefits but also introduces a touch of sophistication and vibrant colour, completing your bathroom's transformation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose the right shade of blue for my bathroom?

Consider the lighting and existing colours in your bathroom. Ocean blue adds depth and drama, while soft blue creates a lighter, more serene atmosphere. Match the shade to your desired mood and decor theme for the best effect.

Can blue vanity units fit into small bathrooms?

Absolutely. Our range includes sizes and designs suitable for all spaces. Blue can also visually expand a room, making it feel larger and more open.

How do I maintain the vibrant colour of my blue vanity unit?

Our vanity units have been designed with minimal maintenance in mind. Please note, for daily use, any spills or pools of water should be dried up immediately after use. Cleaning should only be undertaken using a lightly dampened cloth, no abrasive creams or bleach type liquids should be used. 

What accessories complement blue vanity units?

At 34 St John, we offer a wide range of bathroom accessories that perfectly complement blue vanity units. Our selection is designed to enhance the luxury and tranquillity of your bathroom, ensuring a cohesive and stylish look.

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