Award winning BeyondStone baths.

Beautiful, durable and super warm, while being 100% recyclable with a lifetime guarantee.

Stunningly beautiful
Manufactured from plant-based solid surface materials. Soft to the touch, with a clean, timeless profile; the perfect centrepiece to any bathroom.

Hotter for longer
Preserves water heat 12 times longer than conventional materials, perfect for serial soakers.

Super resistant
Scratch-resistant, protected against chemical products and yellowing, and highly durable,

Eco certified
Awarded the Gold Certificate Green Guard by LEED® for its low impact on the environment

Introducing BeyondStone

Welcome to the future of bathroom surfaces

BeyondStone is the award-winning, plant-based solid surface material that's as stunningly beautiful as it is eco-friendly and durable – and a key ingredient in many products across the 34 St John range.

Lighter, longer-lasting and more sustainable than traditional materials, BeyondStone offers a uniquely superior experience with its exquisite soft touch effect and remarkable warmth.

BeyondStone’s key features

34 St John’s bathroom range is testament to the superior qualities of BeyondStone. Our exquisite basins, and freestanding baths are crafted from this innovative material, and provide long-lasting luxury because of it.

Here are the key features that make BeyondStone the material of choice for 34 St John.

Durable and resilient
Scratch resistant, resistant to chemical products and yellowing, and highly durable, BeyondStone-made products are built to last.
Green credentials
BeyondStone is 100% recyclable, 30% lighter than standard solid surfaces – reducing carbon emissions during transportation – and has been awarded the Gold Certificate Green Guard by LEED® for its low impact on the environment.
Superior warmth and comfort
BeyondStone retains heat 12 times longer than conventional materials – great for those long, luxurious soaks in the bath, especially when combined with a naturally warm surface that mimics the softness of natural stone.
Aesthetic beauty
With a beauty comparable to polished natural stone, BeyondStone enhances the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom.
Enhanced hygiene
The material is non-porous, antibacterial and antifungal, making it hygienically superior.
Easy restoration
BeyondStone is restorable from stains and damages, maintaining its beauty over time.
Quiet comfort
BeyondStone significantly reduces water noise to create a peaceful and tranquil bathroom experience. 

Creating BeyondStone
It’s safe to say that BeyondStone is a product of ingenious science and passionate craft.

Primarily composed of aluminium trihydrate mineral fillers, the material is bonded with high purity acrylic and polyester resins. The unique blend results in a state-of-the-art technical material that’s consistent throughout its thickness, giving it exceptional resilience and ease of restoration.

From an intricate process where precision meets craft, the result is a material that, with a soft touch effect and natural warmth, is reminiscent of polished natural stone.

Caring for and maintaining BeyondStone

Thanks to its unique qualities, caring for your BeyondStone product is simple and easy. But there are still some guidelines to follow that will keep your product looking as good as new.

Regularly clean the surface with soapy water or a common detergent to remove most stains. Rinse thoroughly with water to preserve the unique finish of BeyondStone.

Avoid aggressive chemicals and substances that might stain if left in prolonged contact with the material.

For stubborn stains, scratches or burns, lightly rub the surface with a scour pad or scrub sponge and an abrasive cleaner. Rinse thoroughly after.

Remember, BeyondStone is designed to last. With proper care, your bathroom pieces will retain their elegance and functionality for years to come.

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