The Bathroom Accessories Buyer’s Guide

Published by: Kevin Sears

21st June 23


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Bathroom accessories play a key role in making bathrooms more inviting, practical and stylish – keeping things clean and organised, and adding character to your space.

From towel rails to toilet brushes, the little extras can make a big difference. And with a wide range of styles, materials and finishes available, there's something to suit every taste and design.

Whether you're refreshing an existing bathroom or starting from scratch, in this guide we'll help you find the perfect additions for your personal sanctuary.

Three important questions to answer when buying bathroom accessories

What type of accessories do you need for your bathroom?

The fundamental question: what accessories does your bathroom need?

Are you lacking space to hang and dry towels? What better suits your needs and bathroom space, a towel rail or towel hooks? These are simple questions, but it’s important to go back to basics when working out what your space is in need of.

Every accessory won’t be right for every bathroom. Work out what your bathroom essentials are first, before adding in the luxury items that will take your space to another level.

What’s the style and design of your bathroom?

Bathroom accessories may feel like small details, but they can have a huge bearing on the style of your space – which is why our full range is available in four diverse colours: polished chrome, brushed brass, stainless steel and matt black. Whatever style of accessory you go with, they need to be aligned with your overall bathroom design.

Consider the colours, materials and aesthetic of your bathroom and choose accessories that complement them. For example, if your bathroom has a modern, minimalist design, you may want to choose accessories with clean lines and simple shapes. If your bathroom has a more traditional design, you may want to choose accessories with ornate details and classic finishes.

What’s the quality and durability of the accessories you’re looking at?

There are near countless styles and designs to choose from when it comes to bathroom accessories – and at every price point.

Cheaper accessories can be a great way to save pennies in some projects, but in others they can downgrade the premium finish you’ve worked so hard to create. Instead, look at the bathroom accessories that will give you and your space the greatest long-term value:  choosing high-quality, durable accessories can save you money in the long run.

Remember, your bathroom’s accessories will be used almost everyday!

The different types of bathroom accessories

Technically accessories but in many ways bathroom essentials, Robe Hooks, Towel Rails and Towel Rings, Toilet Roll Holders, Toilet Brushes perfectly merge style and substance.

Here’s how they work, alongside some top tips from us!

Robe Hooks

A small addition that can make a huge difference, Robe Hooks are a great way to save space and declutter your bathroom.

Versatile, easy to install, and available in a wide range of styles, materials and colours to complement your interior design, robe hooks provide a practical and stylish way to keep your towels and robes fresh.

Wall-mounted robe hooks can be installed on virtually any door or wall in your bathroom, but we’d always recommend keeping them within arm’s reach of your shower and/or bath.

Aim to install your robe hooks around 1650-1780mm above the floor to give them enough room to hang without dragging. And if you’re installing more than one hook, try to keep them roughly 200-220mm apart. 

Towel Rails and Rings

Like Robe Hooks, Towel Rails and Towel Rings contribute to a well-organised, tidy bathroom space.

Available in various styles, materials, colours and sizes – thanks to their huge popularity – towel rails typically provide a longer, horizontal space for towels to hang, while towel rings offer a smaller, circular hanging option.

Despite this difference, both play the essential role of hanging and drying used towels – keeping them fresh and hygienic. Also offering plenty of design flexibility in where you place them, both towel rails and rings give you lots of opportunity to get creative!

But where’s best? The perfect place for a towel rail in any sized bathroom is always within arm’s reach of your basin, shower or bath. If you have the space, we’d always recommend installing your towel rail directly on your bathroom wall – ideally above a radiator!

Toilet Roll Holders

We probably don’t need to explain how these work, but still people get Toilet Roll Holders wrong far too often!

Toilet roll holders exist to create a tidy and organised bathroom and ensure easy access to toilet paper – and it’s the latter point that’s become a common hurdle: a toilet roll holder should be placed within an arm’s reach of the person using your toilet.

Depending on the height of your toilet, best practice says ideal placement is approximately 200-250mm in front or beside the toilet, and around 600-660mm off the floor. It’s worth highlighting that you should always go by the smallest arm length in your household!

Toilet roll holders can be wall-mounted – like our premium collection at 34 St John – or freestanding, with some designs featuring storage space for extra rolls.

Toilet Brushes

A mainstay in every bathroom, the Toilet Brush is the essential tool for cleaning your toilet bowl and maintaining cleanliness.

Typically consisting of a bristled brush head and a handle – accompanied by a holder or stand to keep the brush contained – toilet brushes first and foremost help create a hygienic bathroom, and they’re also a stylistic opportunity not to be overlooked!

Our wall-mounted range come in four classic finishes and are perfect for the modern bathroom, providing contemporary style and a touch of luxury.

Toilet Seats

If toilet brushes are a true bathroom essential, toilet seats are nothing less than a non-negotiable.

Designed to provide comfort and hygiene, most toilet seats may look similar but not all are created equal. Some feature additional functionalities, like soft-close hinges to prevent slamming, and anti-bacterial treatments for enhanced hygiene (our full range of toilet seats come with both).

One of the most common questions when it comes to toilet seats is around size. Toilet seats don’t come in a standard size – they’re available in different widths and lengths to fit different sized and shaped toilets. Typically, you’ll find toilet seats in widths of 350-380mm and lengths of 400-480mm.

Adding accessories to your bathroom

There’s a big difference between knowing the accessories you need and knowing how to best add them to your bathroom.

If you want to use your bathroom accessories to elevate the overall design of your space, planning is key. Consider the style, materials, colours and placement of each item, and how they will all look and work together.

We appreciate that this is a lot easier said than done, so here are three tips to set you on your way.

  1. Align with your overall aesthetic. Whether it’s modern, classic or eclectic, you probably know the overall style of your bathroom. If you have a clear vision, choose bathroom accessories that align with it.
  2. Go for matching materials and finishes: To create a visually consistent bathroom, choose accessories made from the same material and with matching finishes, like polished chrome, brushed brass, stainless steel and matt black.
  3. Coordinate colours: To maintain a cohesive look, choose accessories in colours that complement your bathroom's overall colour scheme. You can either match colours or choose contrasting colours if you’re feeling confident! Check out our guide on how to choose the perfect colour scheme for your bathroom.
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