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Toilet Brush

Wall-mounted toilet brushes for the modern bathroom in four classic finishes. A must-have bathroom essential with contemporary style and a touch of luxury.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to use a toilet brush

Firstly prepare your toilet bowl by pouring bleach into it or a toilet cleaner, making sure to coat the bowl well without using an excessive amount of liquid. Then take your brush and thoroughly scrub the inside of the bowl, focusing on the area under the rim of the toilet seat, the main toilet hole and the bowl’s edges. Keeping the brush inside your toilet bowl, flush the toilet and allow for both the bowl and brush to rinse. Finally, return your toilet brush to its container.

How to clean toilet brush after use

You can clean your toilet brush after every use by rinsing it using the toilet’s flush. You can also give your toilet brush and its container a deeper clean when required by placing both in a bucket filled with a solution of hot water and bleach. Be sure to use the right safety equipment, leave both to soak before thoroughly rinsing under hot water and leave to dry, before returning them to your bathroom.

Are toilet brushes hygienic?

Toilet brushes play the vital role of cleaning your toilet bowl and keeping it hygienic. While the brush itself comes into contact with lots of nasty bacteria, you can keep on top of that bacteria by regularly washing your toilet brush with bleach. We’d recommend doing this once a week. 

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