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Walk-In Shower Enclosures

The ultimate in contemporary minimalism. Far more than beautiful aesthetics, our walk-in shower enclosures are designed to bring space, accessibility and value to your bathroom and home.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a shower cubicle and a shower enclosure?

Nothing – the terms shower cubicle and shower enclosure are interchangeable. They both describe one or multiple panels – typically made from glass – that enclose a shower area to prevent water from escaping.

Does a walk-in shower add home value?

Walk-in showers are seen as a good investment that can add value to a property. This is because they’re a fashionable, desirable choice that are popular with many potential buyers, and also because they’re the accessible choice – providing easy shower access for people with mobility issues.

What is a good size walk-in shower?

Walk-in shower enclosures are typically available in lengths ranging 900-1400mm. The perfect size for your bathroom within that range will depend on the size of your bathroom and who will be using it. However, 900mm shower enclosures will still provide more than sufficient space in most cases.

What colours do walk-in showers come in?

Our walk-in enclosures are available in chrome plated, black, brushed gold and stainless steel finishes.

Can a walk-in shower enclosure be installed in any bathroom?

Walk-in enclosures can be fitted in most bathrooms, but the main consideration is your available space. While walk-in showers are not typically the best option for small bathrooms, our range is available in lengths as small as 900mm.

Are walk-in shower enclosures easy to maintain?

Thanks to their minimalist design, walk-in shower enclosures are very straightforward to clean and maintain. Whereas hinged and sliding door enclosures have a door that needs to be looked after, walk-in enclosures don’t, which makes cleaning and maintenance easier and less time consuming.

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