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The essential finishing touch to your bathroom’s centrepiece, our contemporary bath wastes are created specifically for the style and needs of our range of bathtubs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a freestanding bath waste and how does it work?

Like with any bath waste, a freestanding bath waste is an essential plumbing component that enables water to leave your bathtub, both through the plug hole and the overflow. The waste works by connecting the bathtub to the drain pipe.

The key difference with freestanding baths is that this plumbing may be visible, and even used as a design feature in some cases.

Can freestanding bath wastes become clogged, and if so, how can they be cleared?

Freestanding baths are like any bath in that they can occasionally clog because of hair, soap scum and any other waste leaving your bathtub. But just like any other bathtub, clogged freestanding baths can typically be fixed by a simple combination of boiling water, baking soda, vinegar and a plunger; more stubborn drainage issues may require a plumbing snake. If your freestanding bathtub still won’t drain, it’s best to contact a professional.

Can I install a freestanding bath waste myself, or do I need to hire a professional plumber?

If you have basic plumbing knowledge, the necessary tools and equipment, and you’re confident that you can correctly install the bath waste, it should be a straightforward task. However, in most cases we’d recommend working with a trained professional.

How can I prevent problems with my freestanding bath waste?

Clogging is the most common issue concerning freestanding bath wastes. It happens because the plumbing becomes dirty over time and deposits of hair, soap scum and other waste from the bath builds up to restrict the flow of water. The best way to prevent this is through regular maintenance of your plumbing that will clear the pipes. Pouring boiling water down your plug hole, followed by baking soda and vinegar, and more boiling water, should help to prevent many long-term drainage issues if it’s done at least once a month.

What is the difference between a freestanding bath waste and a regular bath waste?

There’s no real difference in the bath waste’s purpose and functionality. The key difference is that freestanding bath wastes have been specifically created to match the design and style of freestanding baths.

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