Luxury Bathroom Trends to Watch in 2024: The Latest Designs and Innovations

Published by: Kevin Sears

22nd June 23


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Bathrooms aren't just for practical purposes, they can also be stylish spots to chill out and enjoy some self-care. Bathroom design has come a long way, and in 2024, there are some awesome new trends that will change the way we think about this room. So, if you want to spruce up your bathroom or just stay in the loop, let's check out the top bathroom trends for 2024.

Bathroom colour trends in 2024

Emerald Green and Gold

One big colour trend for 2024 is deep green mixed with gold. This classy Gatsby-inspired colour scheme has stuck around, and when done right, can make your bathroom look super fancy.

Green with gold accents can create a stylish and luxurious feeling, and you don’t have to overdo it with the gold to give your bathroom a real royal feeling. 

Depending on the shades and intensity of the colours, you can create different moods and styles. 

A deep forest green with muted gold fixtures can feel cosy and rustic, while a bright green with shiny gold hardware can look bold and modern. 

Black and Grey

For fans of minimalist design, black and grey in a bathroom can create a modern and sophisticated look. This colour combo can create a sleek, minimalist vibe that's both timeless and stylish. 

The contrast between black and grey can also create a dramatic effect, especially when used in geometric or linear patterns. 

This colour combo works best in larger bathrooms as having dark walls can make spaces feel smaller.

Adding white or metallic accents can make a huge difference in terms of lightening the atmosphere and balancing the space.  

When going for darker colours in your bathroom, your accessories become really important and help soften the mood in the space. Consider adding plants to give the space a more natural feel, and choosing white towels and light coloured rugs to lift the tones.

Blue and Brass

If you prefer a more traditional or classic look, blue and brass is another classic bathroom trend we're seeing in 2024. 

This colour combo can create a calm and relaxing atmosphere, perfect for those who want a peaceful bathroom retreat. 

Lighter shades of blue, like powder or sky blue, paired with warm brass fixtures can create a delicate and sophisticated look, while darker shades like navy or indigo with brass accents can create a bolder look. 

This combo works well with white or beige accents, making the space feel fresh and inviting. 

Overall, blue and brass can make any bathroom feel classic and elegant.


Bathroom tech trends in 2024

Smart Toilets

Fancy bathroom tech is taking the toilet experience to new heights. With smart tech already in our kitchens, living rooms, and entryways, it's only natural for it to make its way into the bathroom. 

The latest smart toilets have cool features like automatic flushing, water jets for cleanliness, LED lighting for use during the night, and warm air drying with adjustable temperature settings. 

Smart toilets are perfect for tech lovers and practical folks alike. While they do use electricity, many models now have energy-saving options to limit consumption.

Backlit LED Mirrors

In addition to smart toilets, backlit LED mirrors are becoming popular in modern bathrooms. 

These mirrors provide the perfect lighting for makeup and skincare routines, making sure you always look your best before heading out.

They really can make all the difference if you’re looking to modernise your bathroom in a simple way.

LED mirror cabinet

Waterproof Speakers

Waterproof speakers let you jam out to your favourite tunes in the shower, making even the most boring mornings more fun. 

Big brands like Bose and JBL offer a range of waterproof shower speakers designed with portability, durability, and sound quality in mind.

Bathroom furniture trends in 2024

Freestanding Baths

Ditch the built-in bathtub and get a freestanding bath to instantly turn your bathroom into a Victorian-style relaxation zone. 

Perfect for those who value their space as a self-care sanctuary, the freestanding tub is the ultimate bathroom luxury. 

You’ll notice that lots of the most trendy boutique hotels opt for freestanding bathtubs as the ultimate gesture in opulence. 

You can add a modern touch to your freestanding bath by adding LED lighting to the bottom of the tub - then you can enjoy a book without bright lights spoiling your relaxation time!

Cloakroom Basins

Our top trend for small bathrooms in 2024 is the cloakroom basin. The cloakroom basin, with vanity unit included, not only serves a practical purpose as they’re ideal for small bathrooms, but they’re often found in trendy minimalist restrooms that aim to reduce clutter and prioritise space. 

Choose from a wide range of styles and sizes to find the perfect match for your oasis.

Wet Rooms

Freestanding tubs aren't for everyone; some people prefer to stand and sing their favourite songs while showering to help wake up and seize the day! 

If that sounds like you, we recommend a wet room bathroom. While freestanding bathtubs offer a traditional aesthetic, wet rooms are perfect for minimalists who want a more contemporary and spacious bathroom layout. 

When it comes to wet rooms, brutalist and concrete greys are dominating the bathroom trend scene. Wet rooms are versatile, suitable for anything from small en-suites to large family bathrooms. They're also very practical, easy to clean, and a great option for a busy lifestyle.


Bathroom design has come a long way in recent years, and in 2024, we can expect to see even more luxurious and functional designs. From colour palettes to smart technology, these trends are set to change the way we approach bathroom design, making our most frequently used spaces even more comfortable and convenient.

Kevin Sears

About Kevin Sears

Kevin Sears is a bathroom and interior design blogger here at 34 St John. He creates original content utilising his extensive knowledge of the bathroom industry and latest trends.

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