Top Bathroom Trends in 2024: Colour Schemes, Materials, Fixtures

Published by: Kevin Sears

13th May 24


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Bathrooms have moved on from simply being functional spaces in our homes, where we spend as little time as possible. They have become a beacon of self care - the space where you go to unwind, to get ready for bed, or to begin your day. They’re spaces we spend time in, doing our skincare routines or lingering in bubble baths while we finish a book - and for a space to be so deeply personal, it’s natural that we’d want to inject it with our own personality.

So whether you’re embarking on a full scale bathroom renovation, redesigning your ensuite or just want some easy ideas to modernise your existing space, 2024 has a trend ready and waiting just for you.

We spoke to our internal colour and design specialists to find out what the hottest trends are - and they gave us some fantastic ideas.

Bathroom colour trends in 2024

Bright, Natural Colours

Statistics show that 77% of Brits feel that the colours of an interior can directly affect their mood, and with some difficult times economically, the nation certainly needs a lift. 


That’s why bright, natural colours such as Sky Blue (one of the UK’s top interior colour choices for mood enhancement) are going to be a huge trend this year. 

People are embracing brightness in an effort to feel more upbeat - to start their day in the right headspace, and to do it as they get ready in the morning.

Colour Drenching

This year, extreme colour drenching is officially in. Colour drenching is when you style every single surface in a room in one colour. Let’s say you choose Blue - this means you’ll have blue walls, blue tiles, blue vanity units, blue rugs, and the list goes on. 

You only need to browse the colour drenching search term on Tik Tok to find tonnes of inspiration. But it’s not for the faint hearted. We recommended opting for colour drenching if you like bold statements and see your bathroom space as a design canvas to have fun with. Colour drenching is an energy-raiser and is full of personality and vigour. 

If you’d prefer a more calming bathroom space, then perhaps something more minimal is the better option.

Blue and Brass

If you prefer a more traditional or classic look, blue and brass is another classic bathroom trend we're seeing in 2024. 

This colour combo can create a calm and relaxing atmosphere, perfect for those who want a peaceful bathroom retreat. 

Lighter shades of blue, like powder or sky blue, paired with warm brass fixtures can create a delicate and sophisticated look, while darker shades like navy or indigo with brass accents can create a bolder look. 

This combo works well with white or beige accents, making the space feel fresh and inviting. 

Overall, blue and brass can make any bathroom feel classic and elegant.


Bathroom Fixtures and Fittings

Smart Toilets

Fancy bathroom tech is taking the toilet experience to new heights. With smart tech already in our kitchens, living rooms, and entryways, it's only natural for it to make its way into the bathroom. 

The latest smart toilets have cool features like automatic flushing, water jets for cleanliness, LED lighting for use during the night, and warm air drying with adjustable temperature settings. 

Smart toilets are perfect for tech lovers and practical folks alike. While they do use electricity, many models now have energy-saving options to limit consumption.

Rainfall and Waterfall Showers

The spa-style bathroom is a huge trend this year. People are looking for real luxury - they want to bring the relaxing, calming feel of the spa to their very own home. 

Rainfall and Waterfall showers are one of the best ways to achieve this. The sensation of warm rain falling onto your skin as you shower at the end of a long day simply has no comparison. When you add the waterfall shower option to the experience, you’ll feel like you’re standing in the middle of a beautiful nature spot, basking in the refreshing cascade of a waterfall. 

Backlit LED Mirrors

In addition to smart toilets, backlit LED mirrors are becoming popular in modern bathrooms. 

These mirrors provide the perfect lighting for makeup and skincare routines, making sure you always look your best before heading out.

They really can make all the difference if you’re looking to modernise your bathroom in a simple way.

LED mirror cabinet

Freestanding Baths

Ditch the built-in bathtub and get a freestanding bath to instantly turn your bathroom into a Victorian-style relaxation zone. 

Perfect for those who value their space as a self-care sanctuary, the freestanding tub is the ultimate bathroom luxury. 

You’ll notice that lots of the most trendy boutique hotels opt for freestanding bathtubs as the ultimate gesture in opulence. 

You can add a modern touch to your freestanding bath by adding LED lighting to the bottom of the tub - then you can enjoy a book without bright lights spoiling your relaxation time!

Cloakroom Basins

Our top trend for small bathrooms in 2024 is the cloakroom basin. The cloakroom basin, with vanity unit included, not only serves a practical purpose as they’re ideal for small bathrooms, but they’re often found in trendy minimalist restrooms that aim to reduce clutter and prioritise space. 

Choose from a wide range of styles and sizes to find the perfect match for your oasis.

Wet Rooms

Freestanding tubs aren't for everyone; some people prefer to stand and sing their favourite songs while showering to help wake up and seize the day! 

If that sounds like you, we recommend a wet room bathroom. While freestanding bathtubs offer a traditional aesthetic, wet rooms are perfect for minimalists who want a more contemporary and spacious bathroom layout. 

When it comes to wet rooms, brutalist and concrete greys are dominating the bathroom trend scene. Wet rooms are versatile, suitable for anything from small en-suites to large family bathrooms. They're also very practical, easy to clean, and a great option for a busy lifestyle.

Plaster Shower Walls

Tiles have made way for plain plaster walls in 2024. It might take some getting used to, but the industrial look that comes with having unpainted plaster walls is a big trend right now. The great thing about this? You can change the colour very easily when you get bored - just paint over it!

Plaster walls also give off a more natural feel - the clay tone fits in nicely with the lurch towards more natural materials and colours that interior designers are favouring this year. Add lots of plants for a real nature-immersed bathroom space.


Bathroom design has come a long way in recent years, and in 2024, we can expect to see even more luxurious and functional designs. From colour palettes to smart technology, these trends are set to change the way we approach bathroom design, making our most frequently used spaces even more comfortable and convenient.

Kevin Sears

About Kevin Sears

Kevin Sears is a bathroom and interior design blogger here at 34 St John. He creates original content utilising his extensive knowledge of the bathroom industry and latest trends.

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