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Back to Wall Toilets

With the cistern tidily hidden away, back to wall toilets brilliantly blend contemporary design and innovation. Perfect for both modern style bathrooms and smaller spaces, the aesthetically-inspired back to wall toilet has rapidly become a widely popular choice. From here you can browse our full range.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to Choose Your Back to Wall Toilet

You’ve decided to go with the sleek, modern, space-saving style of the back to wall toilet unit. Your next big decision is whether to conceal its cistern in a unit or your bathroom wall.

Choosing to go unit-less, you immediately save even more space – a key point of difference if that’s your key factor. And if you opt for the unit, you’ve gained an opportunity to inject your style into your bathroom.

Once that decision is made, all you’ve got left to decide is the exact design and style to complete your bathroom’s look.

What is a back to wall toilet?

A back to wall toilet has a hidden cistern. This essentially means that the back part of the toilet – which we’d typically be able to see with traditional toilet styles – is either concealed within a unit or within the wall itself. Back to wall toilets offer a sleek, minimalistic look and, thanks to their compact designs, are a great choice for smaller bathrooms.

How do back to wall toilets work?

Back to wall toilets work exactly like most toilets, except that all plumbing and waste pipes flow directly into the wall or unit behind and are therefore hidden from view.

How do I know if my plumbing is compatible with a back to wall toilet?

Back to wall toilet units will work with the plumbing of almost any bathroom. The main consideration is ensuring that the wall behind the toilet is big enough to contain the concealed cistern, or that you have enough space for the furniture unit that will house the cistern.

How do you install a back to wall toilet?

Back to wall units are installed in one of two ways: with a unit or behind a wall. Opting for the unit makes for a simpler installation, as the toilet can slot into place. If you opt to hide the cistern within the wall, the installation process is naturally more complicated. In both cases, we recommend always consulting a trained professional.

Are back to wall toilets easy to clean?

Back to wall toilets can be cleaned like any other type of toilet. Because the cistern is hidden, the bathroom area around back to wall toilets is typically easier to clean than with traditional toilets.

What is the difference between a back to wall toilet and a close coupled toilet?

A back to wall toilet’s cistern is concealed in a furniture unit or within the wall directly behind it; a close coupled toilet’s cistern is visible and sits directly on the back of the toilet pan.

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