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Toilet Roll Holder

Complete your dream bathroom with our premium wall-mounted toilet roll holders. Available in chrome-plated, black, brushed gold and stainless steel finishes and exclusively made from contemporary Italian designs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where should a toilet roll holder be placed?

A toilet roll holder should be placed within an arm’s reach of somebody sitting on the toilet. Depending on the height of your toilet, best practice says that ideal placement is approximately 200-250mm in front or beside the toilet, and around 600-660mm off the floor. However, it’s worth highlighting that you should go by the smallest arm length in your household – an important point if you have young children!

(h3) What is the recommended height for a toilet roll holder?

Best practice is for the toilet roll holder to be placed 600-660mm off the floor, however this may change based on the height of your toilet and the accessibility requirements of the people using your bathroom.

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