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Towel Rail

Contemporary towel rails to bring practicality, class and sophistication to any bathroom. Exclusively made from Italian designs in four premium finishes: chrome-plated, black, brushed gold and stainless steel.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you place a towel rail in a small bathroom?

With smaller bathrooms you may have to get creative in where you place your towel rail. For example, you could install a shower rail within a walk-in shower if you lack the wall space or mount it on a vanity unit. 

Our towel rails at 34 St John are available in 600mm lengths.

Should the towel bar go above the toilet?

Provided there’s enough space and there are no hygiene, comfort or convenience issues caused by it, you can place your towel bar above your toilet. This wouldn’t be where we’d recommend installing the rail, but it may be the case that you’re working with a smaller bathroom with limited wall space. If you do install your towel rail above your toilet, make sure to follow the golden rule and keep your towel rail within arm’s reach of your basin, shower or bath.

Where is the best place to put a towel rail?

The best place for a towel rail in any sized bathroom is within arm’s reach of your basin and shower or bath. We’d always recommend installing your towel rail directly on your bathroom wall if you have sufficient space – ideally above a radiator to assist with drying.

How far off the floor should a towel rail be?

Best practice would be to install your towel rail 1065-1220mm from your bathroom floor. However it’s very important to first consider any accessibility restrictions or requirements faced by your bathroom’s users.

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