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Smart Toilets

You may think smart toilets sound like science fiction, but in reality they’re an increasingly popular choice for modern bathrooms – and come with plenty of benefits, from eco-friendliness and hygiene, to accessibility. Explore our range to see the latest innovations with a premium finish.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a smart toilet system?

A smart toilet – or Japanese toilet – system is a toilet with built-in smart technology. Often enabled by an embedded sensor system, smart toilets can automate cleansing for maximum personal hygiene, drying and flushing, and come with many other features. Smart toilet systems can also include embedded lighting, heated toilet seats and deodorisers. 

What features do smart toilets have?

Our smart toilet range includes a wide range of innovative features. These include sensor-enabled user detection, a cleansing function with customisable nozzle positioning, water pressure and temperature for maximum hygiene, a bidet function for gentle cleaning, warm air drying, memorised custom settings for different users, adapted settings for children, and automatic self-cleaning.

What can a smart toilet do?

Smart toilets can autonomously activate cleansing and drying functions, customise these functions to different users and even regularly clean themselves. They’re designed to maximise toilet hygiene while retaining the minimalist look and style of a modern toilet. 

Do smart toilets use electricity?

Yes, smart toilets do use electricity to function. If that raises environmental concerns, it’s worth highlighting that smart toilets save water by only flushing with the volume of water that’s needed per use, thanks to their built-in sensory systems. Their water and air drying features can also reduce toilet paper consumption.

Is it worth getting a smart toilet?

Smart – or Japanese – toilets come with many brilliantly unique features that combine to provide several tangible benefits for users and homes.

The first is their environmental credentials. Smart toilets may use electricity, but this powers features that enable water saving and features that can significantly reduce your household’s consumption of toilet paper. 

Smart toilets can also be much more hygienic than traditional toilets. This is thanks to features like contactless seat opening and closing and automatic flushing, meaning that no contact is required to use the appliance – and no germs are spread! On top of this, many smart toilet models self-clean after every use. 

Finally, by doing a lot of the work for you, smart toilets are an easier to use option for people with limited accessibility. 

Are smart toilets self-cleaning?

Yes, some smart toilet options not only automatically flush after every use, they also wash and disinfect the toilet bowl for you. Our smart toilets also come with an anti-lime function for limescale removal, and will automatically renew their water after five days of non-use.

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