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Wall Hung Toilets

Practicality meets luxury minimalism. Our innovative, compact wall hung toilets bring space saving, cleanliness and a contemporary finish to your bathroom. All come with built-in antibacterial protection.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of a wall hung toilet?

Wall hung toilets are a highly popular choice, combining visual appeal with functionality and straightforward cleaning and maintenance.

Providing a clean, minimalist style, with the cistern concealed, wall hung toilets save space thanks to their compact design. They’re very easy to clean and clean around: with the bowl hung over the bathroom floor, the floor underneath can be cleaned simply and quickly. If maintenance is required, the concealed cistern can be easily accessed through the toilet’s flush plate.

How do you fit a wall hung toilet?

Installing a wall hung toilet can be a difficult task, involving assembling the toilet frame, identifying the correct positioning, connecting the unit and covering it – or building it out of the wall – and installing the bowl, flush unit and flush plate. In the majority of cases, it’s a job that requires an experienced plumber. 

Are wall hung toilets easy to maintain?

Despite the cistern of wall hung toilets being concealed in the wall, they remain straightforward to maintain. This is because the toilet’s flush plate typically serves a secondary purpose as an access panel to the cistern, which means there are no difficulties in reaching it.

In what colours are flush plates available?

Our flush plates are available in chrome, matt black, brass and stainless steel finishes.

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