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Add class and sophistication to your bathroom with our European sourced basin and bathroom sink taps. Blending contemporary design and a premium finish, explore our range of basin mixer taps, wall-mounted basin taps and deck basin mixer taps.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How to Choose Your Basin Taps

Step 1: Know Your Basin’s Requirements

The type of basin or bathroom sink tap you choose is largely dependent on the type of basin or sink they’ll work with. For example, wall mounted basin mixer taps are best suited to counter top basins, and if the space around your basin is a little tight and you need to use it well.

It’s also very important that you choose basin taps that are consistent with your basin’s tap holes. Basin mixer taps, for example, are suitable for basins and bathroom sinks with one tap hole.

Step 2: Check Your Water Pressure

Mixer taps work best in homes and buildings with good water pressure, and different mixer taps come with different minimum water pressure requirements. This information can be found on the product pages for all our taps.

What are the Different Types of Basin Taps?

Basin Mixer Taps

Basin mixer taps are the contemporary, innovative alternative to the classic pillar taps. Instead of the hot and cold water entering the basin from separate taps, basin mixer taps only have one spout for both that mixes the water flows before they emerge. This pioneering design allows you to achieve the perfect water temperature from a single spout, and in most cases, a single handle, too!

Wall Basin Mixer Taps

Wall basin mixer taps – or wall-mounted basin mixer taps – apply the exact same innovation as standard basin mixers, but with the big difference being that this type of tap is attached to the wall above the basin. And by not being attached to the basin, they’re the easy to clean option.

Wall-mounted basin mixer taps are ideal for counter top basins and, because they’re more space efficient, smaller bathrooms or clDeck Basin Mixer Taps

Deck basin mixer taps – or deck-mounted basin mixer taps – are attached to the basin through either a single hole or two drilled holes. This means they can have the modern, minimalist look of the basin mixer tap, or the more classic style of pillar taps.

Deck basin mixer taps are a popular choice, not only because of the premium, luxurious look they provide, but also because they’re relatively easy to install.

How do I know if my plumbing is compatible with my chosen basin taps?

The vast majority of taps are compatible with all major types of UK domestic water systems. It’s important that you also consider your water pressure, particularly if you’re looking to install a mixer tap. Different mixer taps can have different minimum water pressure requirements to function properly.

Can I install basin taps myself or should I hire a professional?

You can install basin and bathroom sink taps yourself if you have the right tools, the correct instruction and if you’re confident in what you’re doing. Working with water can, however, cause big problems if something goes wrong. We’d recommend being on the safe side and consulting a trained professional.

Are basin taps easy to clean and maintain?

Most basin taps can be easily cleaned with a soft microfibre cloth and warm, soapy water. It’s important that you know the specific cleaning requirements of your basin taps’ finish – for example, brushed nickel is sensitive and hard-surface cleaners that contain alcohol or ammonia shouldn’t be used to clean it. If you live in a hard water area and your taps have a limescale build up, swap your water for a solution of white vinegar diluted in water.

We recommend that you clean your basin taps at least once a week to keep them well maintained and looking their best.

Can I mix and match basin tap and basin styles?

You can but there are a couple of important factors. First is the number of pre-drilled tap holes in your basin, as this will dictate the type of basin tap it will be compatible with. Second is the type of basin itself, as some basin styles work best with certain basin taps. For example, wall mounted basin mixer taps are best suited to counter top basins.

What colour basin taps can I choose from?

Our basin and bathroom sink taps are available with chrome plated, brushed nickel, black and gold finishes.

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