A Guide to the Japandi Bathroom Style — Achieving the Perfect Fusion

Published by: Kevin Sears

22nd June 23

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Japandi style blends Scandinavian design with Japanese aesthetics to create a tranquil, elegant atmosphere. It’s a trend that’s rising in popularity and its effect on space is profound. As Interior Designer Shanty Wijaya describes, “It teaches us to form deep connections to the earth and nature, and enjoy the simple pleasures of life.”

If you’re looking to implement more Japandi principles to create a more calm, more beautiful bathroom, you’re in the right place. This guide features advice from interior experts, key principles to remember and product recommendations for when you’re ready to transform your space.   

Everything you need to know about Japandi style

Both Japanese and Scandinavian designs are centred around simplicity, nature and comfort. And yet the two differ slightly in their guiding principles. 

As Interior Designers at Fineline outline, “Unlike the Scandinavian interior design style, the Japanese Minimalist design embraces the idea of imperfection. It is a Zen philosophy concept in which one must learn to accept the world as it is in order to avoid disappointment and stress.” 

When it comes to bathrooms, this means that Japanese bathrooms tend to have a few more decorations while still being minimalist. Scandi designs, on the other hand, focus on creating a hygge (cosy) atmosphere, but minimising clutter.

When the two design styles merge, on the other hand, the result is a dynamic interior that’s both rustic and elevated, streamlined yet intricate, practical and still somewhat magical. In the next section, we look at how you can achieve the perfect fusion. 

6 Key principles for a Japandi bathroom

Ready to transform your space? Follow these six simple steps to turn your bathroom into one with a clear Japandi influence. 

  1. Choose your materials wisely

The Japandi style is defined by a few key materials, which are often sustainable. Be sure to incorporate these into your space:

  • Wood. This can really ground a space — take a look at our hardwood or walnut Scanalatto Vanity for inspiration. 
  • Bamboo. This provides a beautiful, eco-friendly touch. Look to use it for your storage containers and bins.
  • Stone. Explore our range of Beyondstone basins, for example, which possess a natural beauty similar to stone. 
    1. Install a smart toilet

    Despite the overwhelmingly natural aesthetic, smart toilets are a key feature of Japandi style. And this is for good reason. With features including a heated seat, integrated lighting and automated cleansing, they turn a bathroom staple into a throne of luxury. You’ll enjoy water and air drying features and help the planet by cutting out toilet paper too. 

    1. Include a freestanding bath

    Another piece of bathroom furniture that’s ideal for creating that opulent, Japandi bathroom style is a freestanding bath. These mimic Japanese soaking tubs while creating the relaxation and cosiness found in the Scandi concept of Hygge (more on this later). 

    1. Use a natural colour palette

    Being stylishly minimalist, the Japandi style is often defined by large expanses of white. However, to create a captivating space, you should also incorporate these colours: 

    • Neutral colours. You can create a sense of warmth with beige, brown and taupe. 
    • Soft blues and greys. These tones create a tranquil atmosphere and can be used to add Japanese style flower detailing. 
    • Black and dark green. You should use these sparingly across accessories and wall accents. 
    1. Select the right lighting

    Described by author Meik Wiking, the Scandi concept of hygge refers to a feeling “of home. A feeling that we are safe, that we are shielded from the world and allow ourselves to let our guard down.”

    You can create this comforting atmosphere in your bathroom by including warm lighting. Look out for bulbs between 1800 and 2700 Kelvin.

    1. Add the right finishing touches 

    Pull your Japandi look together with these details:

      • Fresh plants. Think aloe vera, bamboo and snake plants.
  • Textured linens. Luxurious bath mats and towels are crucial to creating an elevated, comfortable atmosphere.
  • Elegant mirrors. You can also include one with lighting to contribute towards a warm aesthetic. 
  • Creating a Japandi bathroom

    To learn more about smart toilets, free standing baths and other furniture that can help you transform your bathroom into a Japandi-inspired one, get in touch with us, or even see our products in real life at a showroom near you.
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