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Contemporary, design-focused bathroom furniture to bring any space to life. Shop our premium bathroom storage and furnishings range, including Wall Hung Vanity Units, Countertop Vanity UnitsBathroom Wall Cabinets and Mirrors & Cabinets. Made to the highest standards from exclusive European designs and available in a wide variety of colours.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Making best use of your bathroom space

Whether your bathroom is big or small, you’re going to want to use your space as efficiently as possible.

That firstly means finding and installing a bath and/or shower, basin and toilet that optimises your available space and together leaves you with room to use your bathroom with comfort and convenience.

And just as important is creating enough storage space – without it your bathroom will quickly become cluttered. Wall hung vanity units and cabinet mirrors are popular bathroom furnishings because they offer plenty of storage space for toiletries and more without taking up lots of precious room themselves.

Wall hung vanity units are mounted bathroom fixtures with a basin or bathroom sink installed on the above countertop. They’re designed to float above the bathroom floor – much easier to clean and cleverly helping to create a feeling of space, which is especially valuable in smaller rooms. Bathroom cabinet mirrors provide both essential storage space and the all-important mirror that no bathroom is complete without.

Should I fit a vanity unit or mirrored cabinet in my bathroom?

Both are popular, practical options if you’re looking for more storage space in your bathroom.

Vanity units typically provide more storage space thanks to both built-in draws and countertops, and are a popular choice in more contemporary bathroom designs, accompanying framed bathroom mirrors. Bathroom cabinet mirrors, on the other hand, provide a dual-purpose as both your bathroom’s mirror and storage for your toiletries, vitamins and medicines. 

Bathrooms that require a lot of storage, such as family bathrooms, will often use both vanity units and cabinet mirrors.

How do I choose the best sized furniture for my bathroom?

First answer ‘how much space do I have in my bathroom?’ The size of your bathroom and the available space in it for furniture will largely determine what you can introduce in any bathroom remodelling or renovation project.

The good news is that there are plenty of furniture options that are designed for bathrooms that have little space to work with. Wall hung vanity units and cabinet mirrors, for example, can elevate almost any bathroom without taking up much unused space.

What bathroom furniture is a necessity?

The essential bathroom furniture is typically that which serves a very important purpose: storage.

Vanity units – both floor-standing and wall hung – storage cabinets and benches, and back to wall toilet units are all very popular bathroom furniture options because they strike the right balance between style, space efficiency and, of course, storage capacity. 

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