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Bath Taps

Beautiful and premium bathroom taps. Shop attention-grabbing freestanding bath mixers and design-focused bath fillers in exclusive Italian designs.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do all freestanding bath taps fit all baths?

No. Freestanding bath taps are designed with freestanding baths specifically in mind. If you have a corner bath or recessed bath, freestanding bath taps probably won’t be the best choice – despite the touch of class and sophistication they will inevitably add to your bathroom!

What is a bath waste filler?

A bath waste filler – or an overflow bath filler – is a bath mixer tap found where you would normally find the waste overflow hole. Popular for their simple, minimalistic design, the bath waste filler both fills the bath with water and acts as the overflow. A concealed shower valve is required to operate the filler, and is available separately.

Can I mix and match the style of the freestanding bath with the freestanding bath taps?

Yes, as long as your bathtub doesn’t have any pre-drilled tap holes. For example, it’s popular to combine contemporary, minimalist freestanding baths with classic Victorian-style freestanding taps. 

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