What is a smart toilet & what do they do?

Published by: Kevin Sears

11th September 23

Smart Toilet

Smart Toilets are where the traditional bathroom meets high-end technology. Otherwise known as Japanese toilets – where this type of toilet has been pioneered and commonly used for many years – they still remain a mystery to many.

Here’s everything you need to know.

What is a smart toilet?

A smart toilet is a toilet with built-in smart technology that enables it to automate cleaning, drying, flushing, and many other features that can be customisable to individual preferences.

Key features of a smart toilet

A cleansing function for maximum hygiene

One of the key features of the smart toilet is the water jet. With an adaptable nozzle position, water pressure and temperature, the built-in water jet is designed to give a sensation of total cleaning and freshness – all enabled by a radar sensor that detects users. 

The nozzle position and water pressure available in our range of smart toilets both have five interchangeable levels, a water temperature range from 0-39°C, and a separate oscillating mode for the water jet.

A bidet function for gentle cleaning

The smart toilet’s water jet can also come with a delicate setting developed specifically for female users. In our range of smart toilets, this function is also fully customisable and has a built-in oscillating mode.

Smart Toilet

Warm air drying

Alongside cleaning functions, smart toilets have an embedded dryer. Our collection of smart toilets at 34 St John include a gentle air jet with adjustable temperature and the choice of two set intensities.

For both cleaning and drying, our smart toilets also include a kids function that’s specifically designed for the younger members of your family.

Save and recall your custom settings

Many of the smart toilet’s features are customisable to your individual preferences. To save you from setting those preferences during every use, the toilet is able to save and recall your custom settings.

Save electricity with energy saving options

Smart toilets consume electricity so they can provide such a wide range of unique functions, but they also come with energy saving options to limit your consumption. Our range of models at 34 St John come with both an eco mode and a super eco mode that can be activated with the touch of a button. 

Automated water renewal and tank draining

To maximise hygiene and freshness, smart toilets often have built-in functions that automatically renew the water in the bowl and tank. 

In our models, the toilet water is renewed every five days of non-use, and the tank can be emptied and refilled in two minutes with a single push of a button.

Remove limescale

Some smart toilets have a deep cleaning programme using descaling liquid for limestone removal. This function can be customised based on the hardness of your water. 

Our range does contain this feature, which comes in handy considering you’ll want to be using your smart toilet for a long time.

Embedded night lights for use in the dark

Smart toilets often feature built-in LEDs that light up the bowl to help you use it with ease during the night. This is really quite a luxurious feature. 

Our smart toilet range includes a night light function enabled by dimmering RGB LEDs with five colours to choose from and five levels of brightness.

Smart toilet lighting
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