11 Luxury Gold Bathroom Ideas for Your Bathroom Design

Published by: Kevin Sears

26th January 24

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Gold Bathroom Ideas

Let's explore gold bathroom ideas, where luxury meets tradition. In this article, we'll delve into various bathroom styles that seamlessly incorporate gold fixtures into a range of colour palettes and designs.

Gold is a symbol of wealth and everlasting beauty with a rich history in interior design. From ancient Egyptian tombs to palaces, gold has always portrayed a sense of luxury. Furthermore, what’s unique about gold is that it never goes out of style, making it a safe choice for your bathroom design.

This blog will give you ideas on how to incorporate gold into your personal sanctuary. We will also provide design tips on how to create your gold bathroom.

1. White and Gold Bathroom

If you are looking to integrate elegance and luxury into your bathroom design, a white and gold bathroom might be the design for you.

The combination of crisp white and gleaming gold creates a sophisticated atmosphere, with the white base providing brightness and spaciousness while the gold accents create warmth and a harmonious balance.

This bathroom colour scheme is also classic so it won’t quickly go out of style, making it a safe choice for bathroom design. This colour combination is also versatile and can be adaptable to various bathroom design styles. Customise it to suit your personal preference through the choice of tiles, bathroom fixtures, mirrors, vanity units and decor.

The aesthetic beauty of white and gold, combined with their ability to create a clean and fresh look, makes this colour scheme a popular choice for stylish bathrooms that stand the test of time.

Design Tip: Choose a white shade that complements your gold accents. Crisp, bright whites work well with shiny gold, while warmer whites can create a softer, more traditional look. Warmer shades work well with brushed brass.


2. Black and Gold Bathroom

Black and gold is an excellent design choice for a bathroom and it is appreciated for its sense of dramatic luxury. The pairing of the deep, sophisticated black with gold creates a rich and glamorous ambiance.

Over the years, black and gold has become a staple colour combination in high-end interior design, especially in bathrooms. The bold contrast between the two colours makes for a visually captivating design that serves as a striking focal point in your home.

The versatility of black and gold allows for adaptation to various design styles, from modern and minimalist to traditional and ornate. This versatility means you can create a bathroom that reflects your personal aesthetic.

The high contrast between these colours, often complemented by white bathroom fixtures,   adds to the luxurious atmosphere. Whether you add your gold elements through fixtures, cabinetry, decor or lighting, black and gold enable you to infuse your bathroom with sophistication and drama, making it an excellent choice for those that like to stand out from the crowd and are seeking a memorable bathroom design.

Design Tip: Play with patterns and textures to add depth and interest. Black and gold can work well together when combined in materials like black marble with gold or white veining or black tiles with gold accents.


3. Marble and Gold Bathroom

Marble and gold make for an excellent bathroom design choice for several reasons. It offers a luxurious aesthetic that combines the grand appeal of marble with the elegance of gold, creating a bathroom environment that exudes sophistication and wealth.

The contrast between the natural patterns and veining of marble, often in shades of white or grey, and the warm, shimmering tones of gold adds depth and visual interest to the design.

The versatility of marble and gold can ensure adaptive design styles, from traditional to modern. With different types of marble that hold unique patterns and colours and the choice of gold accents through fixtures, hardware, lighting, and accessories, enables you to craft a bathroom design that aligns with your personal style.

Additionally, the clean and bright appearance of marble, especially in lighter shades, can make the bathroom feel open and spacious, with the gold accents adding warmth and a glamorous spa-like feel. Overall, marble and gold create a harmonious and luxurious bathroom design that has appeal and it can also enhance the resale value of your home.

Good to know: Since Marble is highly durable, high quality and it is a pure, natural stone, investing in marble tiles will increase the value of your home.

Design Tip: Marble and gold are both luxurious materials so it is important to strike the right balance to avoid an overwhelming look. Let the marble be the star of the show and use gold to complement it, rather than overpower it.

4. Soft Pink and Gold Bathroom

Pink and gold make for a delightful choice in bathroom design due to their combined elegance and warmth. The soft and rosy tones of pink, when paired with the shimmering richness of gold, create an ambiance that is both inviting and charming.

The harmonious contrast between the gentleness of pink and the elegant gold adds visual depth to the bathroom, making it engaging and dynamic. Additionally, pink and gold can be employed in a playful yet sophisticated manner (exuding a real-life dolls house feel), making it a great choice for (but not limited to) children's or teenager's bathrooms.

This pairing can also create a soothing atmosphere with lighter shades of pink, which is perfect for master bathrooms or spaces designed to be serene and relaxing. In recent years, the combination of pink and gold has also been a trendy choice in interior design, making it appealing for those who wish to keep up with the latest design trends.

In summary, pink and gold offer a versatile and inviting design choice, allowing you to infuse your bathroom with elegance, creativity, and playfulness.

Design Tip: Consider incorporating patterns and textures in your design. Pink and gold can work well with marble, geometric patterns, or floral designs. These can add depth and interest to the space.

Teenage girl's pink bathroom with double pink basin vanity unit, pink hexagon tiles and complementing marble tiles with walk in shower and brushed gold brassware.


5. Dark Green and Gold Bathroom

A dark green bathroom with gold fixtures is an appealing choice for bathroom design due to its blend of elegance, trendiness, and versatility. The deep, moody green paired with gold creates a sophisticated atmosphere.

This combination is both on-trend and contemporary, with dark green having gained popularity in interior design for its fresh and modern look. The addition of gold fixtures elevates the bathroom's style, resulting in a space that feels up-to-date.

Moreover, dark green often draws inspiration from nature, resembling lush forests and foliage. This nature-inspired colour can create a calming and restorative environment, ideal for a bathroom designed for relaxation and rejuvenation.

The versatility of dark green and gold means they can be adapted to various design styles, allowing you to craft a bathroom that aligns with your personal aesthetic. These colours can also be blended with a dark marble tiling, enhancing its sophisticated look further.

The contrast between the deep green and shimmering gold is visually striking, adding depth and drama to the design. Dark green and gold also provide a lot of room for customisation, from choosing the extent of green influence to selecting gold fixtures, furniture, and accessories that reflect your unique taste and style. In summary, this colour combination offers a perfect blend of sophistication and adaptability, creating a visually striking and personalised bathroom design that stays on-trend for a long time.

Design Tip: Opt for deep, jewel-toned shades of green for your bathroom. Colours like emerald green, hunter green, or forest green can create a dramatic and sophisticated atmosphere. These rich greens provide a stunning backdrop for gold accents.


6. Lighting to Enhance Gold Details

Lighting is a key element in enhancing gold details in a bathroom and crafting a stylish design. To highlight gold accents, consider using accent lighting through back-lit mirrors or vanity lights with warm tones. These focused lights can draw attention to the gold fixtures and create a visually captivating effect.

Lighting plays a significant role in bathroom design; especially when you have gold fixtures in the bathroom. Mirror lighting, colour temperature considerations, and the accentuation of architectural features contribute to the overall stylish ambiance. By layering different types of lighting, you can balance illumination and elevate the bathroom's aesthetics, ultimately transforming it into a beautiful and highly functional space.

Ambient lighting sets the bathroom's mood and dimmer switches allow you to adjust the intensity to suit various occasions. Natural light should be maximised if possible, using large windows or skylights to complement the gold details and enhance their beauty.

Task lighting is essential around the vanity area for functional purposes. Opt for fixtures that match the overall design while providing adequate light for grooming and daily routines.

Design Tip: Add backlighting behind gold-framed mirrors, shelves, or other decorative elements. This creates a soft halo effect and makes the gold features stand out beautifully against the wall.


Art Deco design, originating from the 1920s and 1930s, seamlessly incorporates gold accents and bold geometric patterns into the bathroom, resulting in an artistic yet sophisticated space. The essential use of gold along with bold patterns turns your bathroom into a high-end retreat that creates a glamorous 1920s movie scene feel.

The foundation of a gold Art Deco bathroom lies in a carefully chosen colour palette that integrates gold, black, and white as primary hues. Gold is often used as a focal point to emphasise the opulence of the era, found in fixtures and accessories. These could be anything from gold rimmed mirrors, taps, toilet roll holders and so on.

Geometric patterns are a hallmark of Art Deco design, and they can be introduced through patterned tiles or waterproof wallpaper. These bold patterns, such as stripes, zigzags, and fan motifs, create a visually captivating and dynamic space. The design can be further enriched with reflective surfaces, marble, wood, mirrors and art that complement the era's elegance and boldness.

The gold Art Deco bathroom design also allows for customisation, enabling you to choose the level of Art Deco influence, select specific geometric patterns and gold accents, and curate the decor to align with your unique style and vision. The result is a bathroom that captures the essence of Art Deco, offering luxury, and a captivating geometric style that transforms your space into a timeless masterpiece.

Design Tip: Use luxurious materials like marble or granite for countertops, vanity tops or flooring. These natural stone surfaces make this design even more glamorous.


8. Industrial Bathroom with Gold Fixtures

An industrial style bathroom with gold fixtures is an intriguing and sophisticated design choice. It marries the raw, rugged elements of industrial design, such as concrete walls or exposed pipes, with the luxuriousness of gold fixtures, creating a captivating contrast that exudes a elegant spa-like feel. This unique blend stands out in the world of bathroom design, leaving a lasting and memorable impression on anyone who enters the space.

What makes this choice particularly appealing is its ability to balance the cool and minimalist aspects of industrial design with the warmth and glamour of gold. Gold brings an element of luxury and comfort, which harmonises with the starkness of industrial features, resulting in a visually striking yet inviting environment.

Moreover, an industrial style bathroom with gold fixtures allows for a high degree of customisation, enabling you to select the level of industrial influence and blend it with gold in a way that aligns with your personal preferences and style. This versatility, combined with the timelessness of gold, ensures that your bathroom remains a stylish and elegant space for years to come.

Additionally, this minimalist bathroom design provides a lot of room for artistic expression, where you can incorporate creative lighting, artwork, plants and decorative elements to further enhance the overall design and make it uniquely your own.

Design tip: Use concrete or metal for various bathroom elements, such as countertops, sinks, and even the bathtub or shower area. These materials are characteristic of industrial design and provide a rugged, textural quality. A freestanding bath mixer tap can also be a beautiful addition to this design.


9. Bright Bathroom with Gold Accents

A bright bathroom (i.e white or cream) with gold fixtures and accents creates a minimalist but highly luxurious design. The marriage of the bright colours, a well-lit space and gold fixtures immediately creates a sense of luxury. Furthermore, the bright atmosphere imparts a clean and inviting look which can create the illusion of more space.

The contrast of the brightness and the gleaming of gold fixtures creates balance and warmth, making the space feel spa-like, cosy and inviting. This bathroom design also offers many opportunities for personalisation, allowing you to choose your preferred tile design, accessories and hardware that aligns with your unique style and preferences.

Its minimalist design also presents the opportunity to incorporate artistic and decorative elements. Incorporating wood, marble and pendant lighting into the design can also make it feel even more luxurious and spa-like.

Moreover, this design choice can enhance the overall resale value of your home, as it appeals to a wide range of potential buyers seeking a luxurious and stylish space. Ultimately, a well-designed bright bathroom with gold fixtures is not only visually appealing but also a wise investment in style and property value.

Design Tip: Opt for frameless or minimalist shower enclosures, such as glass doors, to allow light to flow freely throughout the bathroom. This minimises obstructions and creates a sense of openness.


10. Tiled Shower with Gold Fixtures 

The combination of gold fixtures with beautifully tiled surfaces creates an elegant and personalised aesthetic. Tiled showers are also very versatile, allowing you to choose from various tile types, colours, and patterns to achieve a customised look that suits your preferred style, whether that be traditional or modern.

This combination of tiles and gold fixtures can evoke a spa-like ambiance, enhancing relaxation and creating a retreat within your home. The reflective qualities of gold fixtures against tiles of your choice, can also help maximise the distribution of light in the shower area, creating a brighter and more spacious atmosphere.

If you are stuck on bathroom design ideas, the tiled shower can also act as the main focal point of the room, whilst keeping the rest of the bathroom minimalist. This idea can make design choices and design-making a lot easier.

In summary, a tiled shower with gold fixtures harmonises luxury with practicality, allowing you to craft a stunning and enduring bathroom that adds value and sophistication to your home.

Tiled showers are also highly resistant to water damage, while gold fixtures are easy to clean, ensuring that your bathroom remains in top condition.

Consider adding gold or brushed brass fixtures to your shower such as a gold shower screen, shower sets, robe hooks or a towel rail. You can also pair these with other items in the bathroom such as toilet roll holders, toilet roll brushes and towel rings.

Good to know: The inclusion of a well-designed tiled shower with gold fixtures can elevate the overall resale value of your home, making it a worthwhile investment.


11. Gold Vanity Units

The addition of gold fixtures on and around vanity units creates a sophisticated and refined look. The luxurious appeal of gold allows for seamless integration into various design styles, from traditional to modern, granting you the freedom to customise the space.

Moreover, gold fixtures can serve as captivating focal points, drawing the eye and leaving a lasting impression on anyone who enters the bathroom. The contrast between the gold fixtures and the surrounding elements adds visual interest and depth, while the reflective properties of gold can make the bathroom feel brighter and more spacious.

By adding gold fixtures on and around your vanity area space, you can create a spa-like feeling during your everyday self-care moments. Having the gold vanity unit as the focal point of the room also provides versatility for the interior of the surroundings.

Furthermore, vanity units provide opportunities for personalisation, allowing you to select the style, size, and layout of the unit that suits your needs and preferences. This level of customisation ensures that your bathroom design aligns with your unique vision.

Additionally, a well-designed bathroom with gold fixtures can enhance the overall resale value of your home, making it a sound investment. In summary, vanity units with gold or brushed brass fixtures are a remarkable choice for bathroom design, offering versatility to your space while potentially increasing the value of your property.

Using Brushed Brass Instead of Gold

To achieve the same opulent and stylish look as gold fixtures in a bathroom, you can opt for brushed brass fixtures as an elegant alternative. Brushed brass shares the warmth and sophistication of gold but introduces a distinct charm with its matte finish and subtle texture.

This choice allows you to capture the look and feel of luxury while maintaining a slightly understated and modern feel. Brushed brass fixtures for taps, showerheads, towel bars, and other accessories can seamlessly blend with various design styles. This alternative not only offers durability and versatility but also provides a cost-effective approach to achieving the timeless appeal of gold in your bathroom design.

At 34 St John, we have a wide range of bathroom accessories and fixtures in a brushed brass finish.

11 Tips for Creating Your Gold Bathroom

  • Incorporate gold fixtures and hardware, such as taps, cabinet handles, and towel rails or towel rings. Consider brushed or polished gold, or additionally, brushed brass (as mentioned above).
  • Use mirrors with gold frames. This can visually tie in with other gold elements in the room.
  • Mix and match with different elements featured in this blog. Maybe you like the look of marble and gold but also want to incorporate another colour. Be open-minded and creative with your design.
  • Consider incorporating gold accents in your bathroom tiles or backsplash. This could be in the form of mosaic tiles, gold grout, or even a subtle pattern that includes gold.
  • Use gold accessories like soap dispensers, trays, and decorative items to tie the design together. These small details can make a big impact.
  • Install unique gold or brass lighting fixtures, such as pendant lights or sconces. These can serve as both functional lighting and stunning design elements.
  • Add a touch of green with indoor plants or fresh flowers in gold or white pots. Greenery can soften the colour palette and add a natural element to the room.
  • If you have a shower enclosure, consider one with gold-framed glass. A gold shower screen can be a unique and eye-catching feature in your bathroom.
  • Hang artwork with gold frames or incorporate gold-accented decorative pieces on your bathroom walls to personalise the space.
  • Ensure a balance between your chosen colour/s and the gold elements. Too much gold can be overwhelming, so aim for a harmonious mix.
  • For a modern touch, consider integrating smart technology, like our steam-free mirror or smart toilet.


Gold is at the heart of creating a luxurious and sophisticated space and it has the power to elevate any bathroom. With subtle and balanced accents of gold, we've curated a range of design concepts to suit various tastes and preferences.

Explore the magic of gold or brushed brass fixtures, hardware, and accessories as they transform ordinary bathrooms into spa-like sanctuaries.

Whether you're planning a complete bathroom renovation or seeking to infuse a little touch of elegance, we hope these design ideas have inspired you to embrace the shimmering appeal of gold in your bathroom. 

Kevin Sears

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Kevin Sears is a bathroom and interior design blogger here at 34 St John. He creates original content utilising his extensive knowledge of the bathroom industry and latest trends.

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