15 impressive walk-in shower ideas for 2024

Published by: Kevin Sears

12th September 23

Bathroom Ideas

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Blending practicality and elegance, walk-in showers have cemented their place in modern bathroom design. They’re brilliant for opening up your space and creating a spa-like feel – and providing a canvas for personal creativity to take over.

But where do you start if you want to elevate your walk-in shower? Whether you're interested in a minor tweak, a major revamp or some inspiration before installation, we've got you covered with these 15 design ideas.

1. Maximise your space with shelving

One of the biggest challenges in any bathroom, especially smaller ones, is storage – but your shower can be part of the solution.

When designing your walk-in shower, consider integrated shelving or shower racks for all your shower essentials. This will not only maximise your bathroom space, but also keep your walk-in shower enclosure looking sleek and uncluttered.

2. Install hooks to give everything a home

Random shower accessories like exfoliating puffs, loofahs, razors and squeegees are rarely given a permanent home, which only contributes to a messier space.

Instead, consider installing hooks that give a permanent home to your shower essentials – and not the shower floor. Doing this will also give your items space to breathe and properly dry after use, which is great for hygiene reasons alone.

3. Express style with coloured shower heads and valves

There’s a world beyond the standard chrome shower head!

Whether you choose a striking black to match your monochrome bathroom, or a brushed brass valve for a vintage vibe, your choice of shower fixtures can truly make your walk-in shower stand out.

Remember, your shower isn't just about function – it's an opportunity to showcase your interior design flair!

Read our guide to choosing your bathroom colour schemes.

4. Stand out with a smart layout

It’s 2024 and yet it seems that it’s impossible to turn on most showers without getting wet.

Placing the shower valve somewhere you can easily access without getting wet is a small detail that can make all the difference to your daily shower routine – and impress your guests!

5. Coordinate your shower frame with your bathroom

Consistency is vital in a well-designed bathroom – and colour is key.

If you've chosen a black and white colour palette, for instance, extend this to your shower frame. Whichever style you choose, taking a moment to coordinate your shower frame colour with the rest of your bathroom design will be time you’ll never regret spending.

6. Play with tile choice

Tiles are more than just a practical choice for shower walls and floors, they're a fantastic opportunity to express your style.

Whether you prefer a bold pattern or a classic look, your tile choice can transform your walk-in shower from a simple space into a design statement. And there are virtually endless options to choose from, so play around with different styles.

That said, with walk-in showers we’d always recommend considering lighter colours to help the bathroom feel more spacious.

7. Think about where you put your towel rail or hook

No one wants to have to cross their bathroom floor to reach a towel – and definitely not in winter!

A towel within arm's reach as you exit the shower is a small luxury you'll appreciate every day.

Choose from stylish towel rail options that coordinate with the rest of your bathroom for a cohesive look. For smaller bathrooms, a wall-mounted towel hook can be just as effective and save on space.

8. Give your bath mat a designated space

Few things combine luxury and functionality better than the simple bath mat – adding a touch of cosiness and helping to prevent any post-shower slips.

When planning your walk-in shower design, include a space for a bath mat so you’re not left disappointed when you have to squeeze it in at the last minute. A bath mat is also an opportunity to add a pop of colour to your bathroom – one that’s not to be missed!

9. Be considerate in where you place your handheld shower

It’s safe to say that you should consider everyone when planning your walk-in shower. And this is doubly true when it comes to handheld showers.

You should think about placement, specifically where the handheld shower is most useful for those who want to shower their body but not get their hair wet using the overhead shower. And if there’s a big height difference between the tallest and shortest person in your household, you could opt for an adjustable mount that can cater to both adults and children. 

A thoughtful touch can enhance the showering experience for all, ensuring your walk-in shower is as functional as possible for your entire household. 

10. Future-proof with handrails

While you may not need them now, installing handrails in your walk-in shower can make your bathroom safer and more accessible for everyone.

Consider rails that blend seamlessly with your bathroom design, turning a practical feature into a stylish one. And remember, handrails aren't just for the elderly or those with mobility issues – they're also handy for kids and can provide a little extra security for anyone in the shower.

11. Add comfort with a freestanding or built-in bench

Adding a bench to your walk-in shower can transform it from a purely functional space into a personal spa – and make it even more accessible. 

Whether it's a freestanding bench or built-in seating, this addition enhances what showers are great for: relaxation.

12. Step into warmth with underfloor heating

There's nothing quite like the comfort of a warm floor beneath your feet as you step out of the shower.

Underfloor heating can make the colder months a lot more bearable – providing a touch of luxury you’ll never tire of. 

13. Design for natural light

Good natural lighting is a true gamechanger: many studies have proven the crucial role it plays in our daily routines and how it supports our mental health. 

If your bathroom layout allows it, it’s definitely worth designing your shower so it receives optimal natural light from a window or skylight – making your walk-in shower feel even more open and airy.

14. Set the mood with backlighting

Backlighting is a vital ingredient in a truly luxurious showering experience.

It not only enhances the ambiance of your space but also brings an added dimension to late night and early morning showers.

If you’re going to do it, why not try smart, waterproof LED lights behind a translucent shower wall? This will create a soft, relaxing glow that illuminates your shower space.

15. Elevate your space with glass

Last but not least, consider how a glass wall or panel can elevate your shower space and bathroom.

Clear glass walls can make your bathroom feel more spacious and contemporary, while frosted glass panels add a touch of privacy while still letting light flow freely. 

Whichever option you choose, your walk-in shower will become the centrepiece of your bathroom.

Kevin Sears

About Kevin Sears

Kevin Sears is a bathroom and interior design blogger here at 34 St John. He creates original content utilising his extensive knowledge of the bathroom industry and latest trends.

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