5 Storage Ideas for Small Bathrooms

Published by: Kevin Sears

11th September 23

Storage Ideas

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Ensuites, cloakrooms, powder rooms, half bathrooms – the small bathroom has many official titles, but what connects them all is how invaluable they are to your home. 

Extra bathroom space is not only highly practical, it’s also a great way to further the style of your property – and increase its value.

If there’s one hang up with small bathrooms it’s almost inevitably space, or specifically a lack of it: things can very quickly become cluttered and untidy. You need new storage space to house your bathroom essentials, but how can you get that when space is already at a premium?

Here are our five storage ideas for your small bathroom.

1. Upgrade to a mirrored cabinet

The mirror is a true bathroom essential and the stylistic centrepiece of many rooms big or small, but what it doesn’t offer is of course storage space. That is unless you upgrade it to a Mirrored Bathroom Cabinet.

Mirrored cabinet

Mirrored cabinets combine the all-important bathroom mirror with new storage space to tidy away your personal essentials. 

Not only that, but our range of mirrored cabinets also come with built-in ambient lighting – ideal for early mornings and late evenings – shaver sockets and illuminating infrared sensors. And all without losing the sleek, stylish aesthetic of the classic bathroom mirror. 

2. Opt for a wall-hung vanity units

A Vanity Unit is an absolute must for any bathroom in need of storage space, and if that bathroom is on the smaller side, the Wall-Hung Vanity Unit is the best way to go.

Vanity Unit

Also known as wall-mounted vanity units, these are stylish, compact units that provide the storage space to keep your bathroom clutter-free and neat – and without taking up too much room themselves.

Beyond storage capacity alone, their floating design creates a feeling of spaciousness that no small bathrooms can do without, and they make your bathroom floor much easier to clean.

3. Use containers to organise clutter

Creating new storage space is one thing, using it well is another thing entirely. It’s common to find bathrooms that appear nice and tidy, but when a drawer is pulled out or a cabinet door opened, what’s inside is more like chaos!

A quick and very easy way to avoid this and optimise your storage space is through the very simple container. Finding several to fit your storage unit – giving each a specific category of essentials to store – is one of our favourite ways to declutter a space, especially the smaller ones. 

4. Create space with wall-mounted shelving

Your small bathroom may not have the capacity for a new cabinet to solve your storage woes, but it may have more space than you think – you just have to get creative.

Wall-mounted shelving is a great way to give empty wall space purpose – creating a simple and stylish storage solution – while not restricting your bathroom area. You can even go one further and install glass shelving to make your bathroom feel bigger and brighter. 

5. Turn your bathroom door into an extended wardrobe

Like empty wall space, a bathroom door that’s only used as, well, a door is a missed opportunity if space is at a premium in your bathroom. The good news is that fixing this is a very quick and easy job – all thanks to the simple brilliance of Robe Hooks.

Robe hooks

After an easy installation you now have a neat and tidy solution for towels, robes and any other clothing that typically clutters your space – an absolute must for bathrooms of all sizes. And if you’ve already installed robe hooks in your bathroom but they’re overcrowded, create even more space with a Towel Rail.

Towel rail

Kevin Sears

About Kevin Sears

Kevin Sears is a bathroom and interior design blogger here at 34 St John. He creates original content utilising his extensive knowledge of the bathroom industry and latest trends.

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