7 Minimalist Bathroom Ideas — Furniture, Accessories & Tiling

Published by: Kevin Sears

21st September 23

Bathroom Ideas

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Since the rise of Cubism in the 1920s, minimalism has been rising in popularity. These days, we see entire Instagram pages devoted to white spaces and Scandi simplicity. And it makes sense why — these are interior designs that are instantly elevated and work in rooms of any size.

In this article, we look at 7 easy minimalist bathroom ideas, covering everything from furniture to accessories. 

Elevated minimalist bathroom ideas

It can be difficult to make your bathroom minimalist without it being dull or uninspiring. But by selecting a few central pieces of furniture and making careful design choices, you can create a space where less truly is more.  

1. Focus on creating cohesion with materials

Too many different textures and colours can detract from the sense of calm and flow that can be found in a minimalist space. 

So, as Jennifer Hallock of Jennifer Hallock Designs describes, it’s important to “choose a juxtaposition of materials that create a sensibility in the space, where no single element overwhelms the design.” 

This means choosing a few elements that complement each other -— for example, you might pick a warm wooden floor and then opt for a neutral colour palette. 


2. Choose the right shower  

Which shower you choose is one of the most important factors to consider when building a minimalist bathroom. Opting for one with a door that swings out can quickly make your space look cluttered and disrupt the clean lines that define a minimalist design. 

Instead, choose a sliding door shower enclosure or even build a wet room to ensure a sleek, contemporary aesthetic. 


3.Get creative with storage

A key tenant of minimalism is a lack of clutter so it’s important that your bathroom only has the essentials on display. Consider these storage tips to keep your space organised:

3.Choose the right accessories 

Bathroom accessories such as toilet roll holders and robe hooks can easily detract from a streamlined minimalist look. 

So it’s important to choose pieces that are subtle and unobtrusive. For example, opt for wall-hung towel rails or toilet roll holders to create a sense of uninterrupted visual flow. 

Toilet toll holder

4. Keep the lighting simple

The right lighting is important for creating depth and direction in a minimalist space. Here’s how you can use it to accentuate focal points: 

  • Use natural lighting wherever possible
  • Incorporate adjustable lighting fixtures such as track lights or adjustable wall sconces that allow you to direct light precisely where it's needed
  • If you have a standout furniture piece or fixture, like a standalone bathtub, consider using a spotlight or pendant light to make it a central focus in the room

5. Choose tiles that reflect the light

As Gladys Lai highlighted when speaking to Vogue, the right tiles will also allow you to maximise light and create a clean, minimalist aesthetic. 

She advises opting for “a tile that is soft in colour, has a varied surface, and is reflective.” 

This could mean using large tiles in neutral tones like light grey or soft beige, for example. 

You should also avoid grout lines to create a seamless overall appearance.


6. Include natural elements (sparingly)

When it comes to minimalist bathroom ideas, greenery can actually be great as it allows you to break up a stark aesthetic and add true tranquillity. 

However, you need to be strategic about where you place plants. Integrating them into areas where they can make the most impact without overwhelming the space is key. 

For instance, you could position a potted cactus on a shelf or in a corner to create a soft focal point that counterbalances the minimalist lines.


At 34 St John, we’re experts in modern minimalism. Use our design service and we’ll help you create the ultimate testament to minimalist beauty, without compromising on performance.
Kevin Sears

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Kevin Sears is a bathroom and interior design blogger here at 34 St John. He creates original content utilising his extensive knowledge of the bathroom industry and latest trends.

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