7 Nature-Inspired Bathroom Ideas

Published by: Kevin Sears

22nd June 23

Bathroom Ideas

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Biophilic design, which seamlessly blends nature and architecture, can reduce stress, elevate mood and even support physical health. So it makes sense why many of us are drawn to creating nature-inspired bathrooms. Put simply, they’re an easy way to carve out a space of calm.  

What’s less easy, however, is pulling off the look successfully: too many overtly artificial materials and the room will look cheap, too few grounding colours and the space will feel soulless. There’s a lot to consider… 

That’s why, in this article, we explore 7 nature-inspired bathroom ideas and guiding principles you can use when designing your space. Look out for tips from interior designers and specific product recommendations. 

7 Nature-Inspired bathroom ideas

Creating a biophilic bathroom means more than just incorporating a few plants. Here, we explore the details you can add to give your space that tranquil feeling that can’t quite be put into words.  

  1. Incorporate natural materials

It’s one thing if your bathroom looks like part of the natural world and another entirely if, at closer glance, the materials give away that it is actually artificial. 

So, to create a natural bathroom, look to use materials such as wood, slate and stone wherever possible. 

You can also branch out into less commonly known natural materials. Taking our Orta Freestanding Modern Bath as an example, we can see how the plant resin structure adds an organic elegance to the space (it’s also antibacterial and scratch resistant!).

  1. Choose an earthy colour palette 

By basing your bathroom around these key colours, you can create a calming, nature-inspired atmosphere: 

  • Beige and neutrals. Build the bulk of your design around these so as not to overwhelm the eye.
  • Greys such as slate and stone. Opt for these colours when choosing larger pieces of furniture such as vanity units as this will set an elevated tone for your space. 
  • Dark greens such as sage or moss. Use these sparingly. They are great shades for tiles or wallpaper, for example. 
  • Deep browns. Implement wooden accents or brown tiles to add warmth.
    1. Select your furniture wisely

    According to Interior Designer, Corey Damen Jenkins, “Organic design emphasizes minimalism and harmony between the man-made elements and the natural world.” This means that you should focus on selecting and integrating bathroom furniture that is aligned with natural shapes.  

    Look out for pieces with fluid lines and soft edges and create an easy flow for the eye by spacing them out carefully between more angular pieces. By placing a free-standing bathtub, for example, parallel to a straight-lined sink, you can smooth out the effect.   

    1. Select the right essentials

    Some say a toilet roll holder can never be visually pleasing… We say they’re wrong. To complement your furniture and overall aesthetic, you need to choose basics that contribute. In this case, think wooden soap dishes, brass towel rings and bamboo toilet brushes.  

    1. Disguise your storage

    A natural-looking bathroom is as much about what can’t be seen as what can. Think of how much a plastic tissue wrapper could detract from your vision, for example.

    So, to maintain a serene space, you need to avoid clutter. And this means incorporating a discrete storage system into your bathroom design. Try these simple ideas to get started:

    • Woven baskets
    • Open wooden shelving with plants
    • Canvas bags and bins
    1. Opt for warm lighting 

    To pull your natural space together, you should focus on maximizing natural light where possible. However, warm light with a colour temperature of around 2700-3000 Kelvin will also soften the space, enhance earthy tones and contribute to a relaxing atmosphere.

    Pro-tip: Lighting Designer, John Cullen also recommends that you opt for a bulb with a colour rendering index (CRI) of above 90 to ensure quality.  

    1. Make water features the focal point

    Though water will inevitably feature in your bathroom, making a shower or bath the focal point can have an incredibly calming result. This can be explained by Blue Mind Theory which explores the close connection we as humans have with water and the way watching or being near it can evoke a sense of ease. 

    Incorporate a walk-in shower enclosure to really maximize this effect. When taking a look at the image below, you’ll see how it transforms the space into something akin to a calming rainforest.  

    Kevin Sears

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    Kevin Sears is a bathroom and interior design blogger here at 34 St John. He creates original content utilising his extensive knowledge of the bathroom industry and latest trends.

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