Celebrating the World's Top Bathroom Designers

Published by: Kevin Sears

11th October 23

Bathroom Ideas

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Bathrooms have transformed utilitarian spaces into artistic, luxurious, and spa-like sanctuaries thanks to visionary designers. These bathroom designs reflect a fusion of aesthetic creativity and practical functionality, and bathroom designers boldly experiment with layouts, materials, and colours. 

In this article, we explore how the bathroom has evolved, look at some trending bathroom designs in 2024, and consider some of the top bathroom designers currently shaping the scene.  

The Evolution of Bathroom Design

Over the course of several decades, the trajectory of bathroom design has undergone a revolution. Here’s how purely functional spaces became the luxurious sanctuaries that grace modern homes…

The journey begins with a time in which the best bathroom designs were simply focused on hygiene and practicality. As societal values and technological advancements progressed, so did these spaces. One of the earliest shifts was the recognition of bathrooms as more than just functional necessities, leading to the inclusion of design elements that aimed to enhance the overall bathing experience such as ornate tiling and well-considered lighting. 

As time went on, major milestones propelled bathroom design into new dimensions. The mid-20th century witnessed a surge of creativity as bathroom designers began experimenting with materials, shapes, and layouts. The introduction of colourful tiles, innovative fixtures, and thoughtfully designed storage solutions began to redefine the visual appeal of bathrooms. This period also saw the rise of "spa-like" bathrooms, where relaxation and rejuvenation were seamlessly integrated.

In more modern bathroom designs, smart technology plays a key role. Touchless taps, heated floors, programmable lighting, and high-tech shower systems have not only elevated functionality but also introduced an element of luxury and convenience. Additionally, sustainability has become a driving force, leading to the integration of eco-friendly materials and energy-efficient fixtures.

The Role of a Bathroom Designer

A bathroom designer’s main focus is to create a space that meets individual preferences and budgets but remains attuned to industry trends and timeless design principles. This means using software to consider everything from colour schemes to materials and fixtures while consulting with clients directly. 

Further challenges come when designers are met with limited space. Optimising compact bathrooms without compromising on aesthetics requires inventive solutions, such as utilising vertical space. Designers might also employ 3D modelling to visualise their ideas. 

Spotlight on Top Bathroom Designers

Here we take a look at five of the best modern bathroom designers and the leading bathroom designs in 2024. 

Amanda Lindroth

Having grown up around Palm Beach, Amanda Lindroth’s bathroom designs are shaped by her love for Florida’s architecture, style and climate. She focuses heavily on texture, colour and creating a breezy air of sophistication. 


Source Source

Dan Fink

Dan Fink’s designs are heavily inspired by and entwined with the natural world. Proportions and patterns ground and awaken the senses, but, at the same time, smart tech adds functionality and ease.


Source Source

Shazalynn Cavin-Winfrey

Shazalynn Cavin-Winfrey heads up SCW Interiors, a design firm that is focused on creating a centred, grounded home for each of its clients. Their designs often play with deep colour and light. 


Source Source 

Robert Passal 

Robert Passal is a New York-based interior designer known for his ability to create luxurious, livable spaces that cater to clients’ needs. His philosophy is to evoke a sense of timeless comfort through calming details.


 Source Source

Suzanne Tucker 

Suzanne Tucker is part of the interior design firm Tucker and Marks. She focuses on incorporating antiques and decorative arts into her work. 


Source Source 

Future Trends in Bathroom Design

Future bathroom design trends are being driven by sustainability and a sense of grounding in the natural world. This means a focus on eco-friendly elements and recycled materials.

At the same time, though, the demand for luxury remains high and bathroom designers will continue to meet their clients’ needs. This means incorporating elements such as soaking tubs and steam showers and creating a space for true wellness and relaxation. 

Concurrently, technology is reshaping bathrooms into smart, intuitive spaces, with features like voice-controlled fixtures, smart mirrors, and high-tech toilets, elevating comfort and convenience.

Feeling inspired by the world's top bathroom designers? It's time to bring that inspiration into your own home. Don't just dream about a luxurious bathroom; create one. 


What distinguishes an average bathroom designer from a top-tier designer?

An average bathroom designer will typically focus on meeting basic functional requirements without necessarily pushing the boundaries of innovation. Their designs might lack a comprehensive understanding of user needs, sustainability, and aesthetic appeal. 

In contrast, a top-tier bathroom designer excels by seamlessly blending functionality, sustainability, elevated beauty and innovation. They have a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of what their clients want. 

Are designs by top designers always luxurious or can they cater to minimalist or budget-friendly approaches?

Designs by top designers are not constrained to a single style or level of luxury. They are characterised by their versatility and ability to cater to a wide spectrum of design approaches, including minimalist and budget-friendly solutions. 

A hallmark of top designers is their capacity to transcend boundaries, crafting spaces that resonate with the unique preferences, requirements, and constraints of each client.

What should I consider when choosing a bathroom designer for my own project?

When choosing a bathroom designer for your project, consider their portfolio to find out whether their style and previous experience match your desires. Be sure to consider the designs they’ve executed and the materials they choose to assess sustainability if this is an important factor for you. 

How often do bathroom design trends change and how do top designers stay ahead of the curve?

Like any other area of artistic expression, bathroom design trends shift every few years due to evolving styles and changing technology. Top designers stay ahead through continuous education, industry engagement, and collaboration. 

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Kevin Sears is a bathroom and interior design blogger here at 34 St John. He creates original content utilising his extensive knowledge of the bathroom industry and latest trends.

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