Top 12 Stylish Monochrome Bathroom Ideas for Luxury Homes

Published by: Kevin Sears

28th September 23

Bathroom Ideas

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If you are renovating your home, then you may be thinking about switching up your style and colour scheme and going for something a little more dramatic. 

Monochrome design is a trend that’s taken off in interior design, architecture and fashion, and there's a good reason for it. It’s bold, invigorating, and it lays the foundations for making your colour-popped accessories really stand out.

So, if you are thinking about changing your bathroom, then a monochrome look could be for you. In our guide, we are going to give you all the information and inspiration that you need to have the monochrome bathroom of your dreams! 

What Is Monochrome Style?

A monochrome design scheme means that a single colour forms the majority of the room’s interior. While you can use different tones and shades to accent the room and set off some bolder colour choices, the majority of your space will be dominated by the same colour.

For many people, monochrome style means using black and white to juxtapose each other. This is the most popular monochrome choice, as black and white never goes out of style. It’s also a colour combo that works in all of the seasons - you get that lightness and cooling effect of the white during summer, but the cosy accents of black to warm the space in winter.

It’s also very classy, traditional, clean cut, and sophisticated - just how we like it.

Should I Choose A Monochrome Bathroom?

Monochrome bathrooms are simple and functional, with clean lines and strong angles that never seem to go out of style. It is also super versatile, and you can opt for more of one colour over the other.  

You can go for a light and airy look with more white details, or choose an industrial look with darker walls, metallic finishes, and black features. 

But there is one ultimate reason why choosing black and white monochrome could be a great decision - you can totally overhaul the feel of your bathroom without conducting a major renovation. 

Think about it - if you decide that pastel colours are in one season, you can choose a whole host of pastel accessories to brighten up your space. 

One year passes and you’ve had enough? That’s okay, you’re not stuck with pastel walls! Simply choose some accessories in a new colour, and the whole feel of your space will change.

Monochrome Ideas

Minimalist Fusion

First up, we have this gorgeous option with diagonal tiles, a black shower screen, matching black waterfall shower head, and a unique pebble shaped mirror that creates a real classic/contemporary fusion.

Check out the details - wall-fixed mixers in black with smooth minimalist design, a rounded white sink with smooth minimalist design, and a shower head with… well, you guessed it! Smooth, minimalist designs abound. 

Then you’ve got the tiling - reminiscent of Victorian era styling, the walls really offer up the opposite of smooth and minimalist. The perfect fusion.

It is sophisticated, clear, calming and stylish. 

Traditional Tiles & Unique Features

We love this brilliant monochrome bathroom transformation from @opies_pad 😍

By rearranging the location of the bath and toilet they have opened the space up. The contrasting colour theme is exemplified by the black taps, the white metro tiles and the well selected floor tiles. The wall hung basin adds to the feeling of space as does the large amount of natural light. The room is finished off with splashes of colour from the plants and accessories. 

➡️ swipe to see the before photo!


If you prefer something a little more maximalist, then these brick shaped Victorian style tiles do the job. With bright, shiny tiles and black grouting, the walls create a backdrop that really draws the eye. 

Pay attention to the fixtures - wall mounted basin mixers, bath mixers and shower kit. There is a method in the madness. 

Create some respite from a busy space by adding plants - you’ll see how they break it up and add a sense of calm within the chaos.

Clear, Modern & Crisp


If you prefer no fuss, then this calming and crisp bathroom could be the perfect option. 

The freestanding bathtub is a real centrepiece - bringing 5* hotel-type luxury to your own home. Coupled with freestanding bath mixers, this is a statement piece, designed to thrill with its sheer simplicity. Note how you’d be able to spread out completely and enjoy that huge bath space without taps getting in the way. It’s all in the detail.

Now let’s move to the sink space. A perfectly rounded basin with a vanity unit significantly larger - this gives enough space to keep your soaps and personal items without things feeling cluttered. The wall mounted basin mixers contribute to the good amount of space here - they’re neatly tucked away, easy to clean and the ultimate in minimalism.

Half Black Walls

Check out this stunning bathroom renovation from @the_frankal_1930s__project

This monochrome bathroom combines modern fittings with traditional tiles to great effect. The room was opened up to allow space for both a luxurious freestanding bath and a separate quadrant shower enclosure. The monochrome theme is highlighted by the black taps, black shower and other features such as the door handle and shelving. We love it!

Swipe to see the before ➡️

We love these painted black walls, paired with white tiles that provide a cool juxtaposition. With a standalone tub, mix and match floor tiles, and black hexagon shelves, this bathroom is classy yet bold. 

Note the shape patterns used to harness creative variety - square window frames, oval bathtub, hexagonal shelves and circular floor tiling. The use of shape takes a simple monochrome colour scheme and makes it rich and bold. 

Who said monochrome needs to be boring?

Small Bathroom, Big Design

This design is the ultimate in “how to make a small space feel huge”. Pay attention to the strip of diagonal and dark tiling - it really stands out against the white walls, and there's a good reason for that. 

With such a narrow space, the strip of tiling creates the illusion of length - using the same tiles on the floor and the wall makes the space feel a lot larger than it actually is. It plays with your eyes, tricking you into feeling like the length of the floor is double the reality.

With limited space, you should opt for wall-mounted shower mixers and keep things clear and tidy.

Dramatic Details

With black and white being your main theme, you don't have to opt for monochrome mixers. This bathroom makes use of brushed brass basin mixers which provide a real pop of luxury in this monochrome space. 

If you want a little drama in your life, then you don’t have to have the same tiles in every corner of the bathroom - you can have a feature wall above the sink like this one, and more subtle designs on the outer walls. 

Then, pair your bold mixers with a white, minimalist basin to help accentuate all of your other features.

Geometric Floor Tiles

carousel image 0

Monochrome colour schemes really allow you to play around with shapes and patterns without them feeling overwhelming.

Check out these geometric floor tiles and how striking they look, alongside minimalist bathroom furniture. 

With bright white amenities, and a stark black cabinet for all of your products, this bathroom looks really clear-cut and striking, and it certainly has a “wow” factor.

Shower Cubby Holes

We adore the trend of in-built cubby holes for storing shampoo and soaps. Look at how the tiling really sets off the shower space - keep it white elsewhere, and use your cubby holes to opt for something a bit bolder.

Plus, look how opulent this looks with the double shower head option. Stand under the bigger shower head and indulge in a rain-like soak, or keep things efficient with the handheld shower bar.

Gold Features

Pairing a monochrome colour scheme with gold fixtures is a real gesture in royal luxury. This bathroom is reminiscent of a grand Victorian bathroom, made for somebody who enjoys time bathing and pampering themselves.

Check out the huge bathtub with gold taps and shower head - you’ll feel like true royalty bathing in this! 

We love minimalism, but this bathroom captured our hearts with its seriously bold maximalism. 

Minimalist Monochrome

The last option is a little maximalist for some people’s tastes. So, if you are looking for something more minimalistic, simple, yet soothing, this option is for you. 

This one also has a ‘greige’ wall, which is nice and neutral, and complements the black shower heads and taps. 

Pay attention to the walk in shower and makes the space feel much larger, but still creates a sense of intimacy away from the toilet.

Monochrome Wet Room

We’re specialists when it comes to luxurious wet rooms - which is why we love this one so much.

Creating something like this in your home will make you feel completely spoiled everytime you shower. Soak in the bathtub while reading a book, before walking straight into your shower to wash your hair, and finally stepping out of your shower to dry yourself, without worrying about puddles. What could possibly be more luxurious than that?

Grey monochrome is used here, so a slightly different colour theme. It features soft grey tiles with a light marble effect, a glass shower door to create more space, and a shelf that is fitted into the wall seamlessly for all of your bathroom essentials. 

Don't forget the shower head and bath mixers - wall fitted to add to the ultimate minimalist design.

Marble Monochrome Tiles

Marble tiles are one of the most popular trends in bathroom decor. This bathroom idea has tiles from floor to ceiling, with a sleek black vanity, shower door and shower head. 

With a large mirror above the vanity that spreads to the ceiling, this makes the room look so much bigger and more spacious. 

Check out the single tap feature - giving you space either side for your soaps and personal items.

Backlit Mirror

Another trend that’s taken off in the last couple of years is the backlit mirror. This adds warmth to a monochrome bathroom with a bright golden light, but also makes primping and applying makeup so much easier! It’s the central feature in the space and gives it real modern and intimate feel - your very own private sanctuary. 

Black Ceiling With Mix & Match Tiles

carousel image 0

Another bold and brilliant idea is to paint your ceiling a dark black or anthracite shade, which really offsets the white marble tiles going up the shower walls. With brushed chrome features and taps, this bathroom looks super sophisticated and intricate. 

The details are just divine. We also love the idea of having a different pattern for the floor, with these vintage Art Deco style tiles truly stealing the show. 

All Black Everything

Why not go the whole way and have pretty much all black everything? This bathroom is dark and moody, but it’s one of our favourites. With grey toned walls, anthracite and slate features, black sinks and taps, you can throw a pop of colour in with your towels and soft furnishings. 

This bathroom is reminiscent of the famous Crazy Bear Hotel style - mysterious, bold and very intimate. You can create a bit of variety by choosing a chrome shower kit, black basins and brushed brass lighting fixtures, just like this one.

Is Monochrome Home Design In Fashion? 

Monochromatic interior design is definitely in fashion. It has been a trend that has long taken inspiration from the fashion world as it is such a bold and beautiful statement. You can really make an impact with black and white tiles, black features, and light, clean-cut furniture. 

Monochrome is neutral yet timeless, and works well for portraying an atmosphere of elegance and definition. 

Final Thoughts

To summarise, monochrome design is a great choice, especially when it comes to bathrooms. Utilising black and white and setting them against one another is distinct, classy, and calming. 

The beauty is that you can style it your way by choosing more dark tones, greys, or light tones. It is entirely up to you, and you can either have chrome features, gold, or black features. Whatever you decide, monochrome definitely has our hearts! 

Kevin Sears

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Kevin Sears is a bathroom and interior design blogger here at 34 St John. He creates original content utilising his extensive knowledge of the bathroom industry and latest trends.

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