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Oak Vanity units

Explore the oak vanity unit range at 34 St John, highlighting the elegance of natural wood combined with lasting resilience.  Crafted from durable, soft touch 5G vinyl, these units are built to withstand scratches and stains. An anti-fingerprint coating makes cleaning easy, helping each piece look flawless.

Our selection includes various oak vanity units, each offering substantial storage. These units are constructed to endure daily activities and keep your space organised and aesthetically pleasing.

Complete your bathroom setup by pairing these luxurious oak vanity units with matching oak tall wall cabinets or other bathroom accessories from our collection. This combination enhances your bathroom style, creating a space that mirrors your personal taste.

Read FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I care for an oak vanity unit to keep it looking new?

Our vanity units have been designed with minimal maintenance in mind. Please note, for daily use, any spills or pools of water should be dried up immediately after use. Cleaning should only be undertaken using a lightly dampened cloth, no abrasive creams or bleach type liquids should be used. .

Are there different sizes available in the oak vanity unit collection?

Absolutely, our collection includes multiple sizes to accommodate different bathroom spaces. From compact units for smaller bathrooms to larger models for spacious areas, there is a size to fit your needs.

What types of bathroom decor work well with oak vanity units?

Oak vanity units are versatile and complement many decor styles, from rustic to modern. They work particularly well with earth tones and neutral palettes.

What bathroom accessories pair well with oak vanity units?

Consider pairing them with accessories made from complementary materials such as brushed brass or chrome. These finishes can help create a unified look that elevates the warmth and richness of the oak.

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