• Ardesia Stone Effect Rectangular Shower Tray - 1800 x 800
  • Ardesia Stone Effect Rectangular Shower Tray - 1800 x 800
  • Ardesia Stone Effect Rectangular Shower Tray - 1800 x 800
  • Ardesia Stone Effect Rectangular Shower Tray - 1800 x 800
  • Ardesia Stone Effect Rectangular Shower Tray - 1800 x 800
  • Ardesia Stone Effect Rectangular Shower Tray - 1800 x 800

Ardesia Stone Effect Rectangular Shower Tray - 1800 x 800


Experience the fusion of minimalism and nature with the rectangle Ardesia Texture stone effect white shower tray. Appreciate the elegance of a matte stone finish, while enjoying the superior quality and performance of our innovative Solid® material.


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Step into tranquillity with the Ardesia Texture stone effect shower tray from 34 St John. Its textured slate effect finish, a tribute to the serene beauty of natural stone, adds a touch of refinement to any bathroom, while offering a natural, textured sensation under your feet.

The seamless 25mm thickness and continuous finish on the edges showcase our commitment to minimalism without compromising functionality.

Along with the accompanying stainless steel drain cover that is painted in the same colour, the Ardesia shower tray is shaped to allow water to flow freely into the drain, ensuring zero water stagnation.

Built with meticulous precision, the Ardesia shower tray boasts the state-of-the-art Solid® material - composed of aluminium trihydrate mineral fillers and high-purity acrylic and polyester resins.

Solid® is not just a bathroom material, it is a statement of durability, functionality, and safety. It's bactericidal, antifungal, self-cleaning, and resistant to ultraviolet rays, ensuring a hygienic showering experience every time. This also makes it easy to maintain and effortlessly resistant to chemicals - in fact, any accidental chips and scratches can be restored to their original condition with a special repair kit.

What truly sets the Ardesia shower tray apart is its exceptional performance in safety. Achieving the highest level of slip resistance in DIN 51097 Class C, the surface prevents slipping even on inclines of more than 24°.

The Ardesia shower tray is not just a product, it is a testament to our dedication to crafting luxury bathroom solutions that exude elegance, deliver on performance, and prioritise your safety.

The Waste, odour trap and waste cover are supplied with the shower tray. Designed by Geberit with optimum performance in mind, this waste and trap system is more than an elegant accessory; it's an essential part of your bathroom's functionality.

With its superior engineering, it excels in the quick disposal of excess water, handling even the most powerful shower flows with efficiency and durability.

Aligning aesthetics with optimum performance, the 90mm High Flow Waste and Trap is the perfect testament to 34 St John's commitment to excellence.

Waste, odour trap and waste cover supplied with the shower tray.

Product Specification

Country Of Origin













Mineralsolid - a composite material made up of natural mineral fillers and resin.

Waste Included


Waste Cover Included

White Powder Coated Stainless Steel Waste Cover

Anti-Slip Class

DIN 51097 Class C (The Highest Achievable Level Of Slip Resistance).

UV Resistant


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