Choosing an Overflow Bath Filler - Everything You Need To Know

Published by: Kevin Sears

18th October 23


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Overflow bath fillers are an interior designer’s best friend. With two purposes and an entirely streamlined aesthetic, they’re the perfect addition to a modern bathroom that exudes both style and functionality. 

In this guide, we look at them in more detail, examining their benefits before looking at answers to frequently asked questions from our expert team. 

What is an overflow bath filler?

An overflow bath filler is a plumbing fixture with a built-in spout that allows you to fill the tub and features an overflow feature to stop the bath from (you guessed it) overflowing.

While a traditional bathtub requires two separate fixtures — a filler spout and an overflow drain — an overflow bath filler allows you to create a more streamlined look and bathing experience. You’ll avoid the need for additional plumbing connections and hardware and never have to worry about enjoying a dip a little too much and causing ceiling damage! 

What overflow bath filler options are there?

At 34 St John we have two versions of an overflow bath filler. The first type we have is bought separately. I.e. You’ll need to buy the filler itself, then additionally you can purchase the bath mixer valve to control it. This option of bath filler gives you the flexibility to either wall mount the mixer or deck mount it onto the bath.


The second option is a wall mounted bath mixer tap, which comes with everything you need. It not only includes the overflow filler but also comes complete with a shower kit too. This option allows you to customise your bathroom to your preference. Incorporating the hand shower into the kit, allows for a comprehensive and luxurious bathing experience.

Add an image of the wall-mounted bath mixer tap.

Advantages of an overflow bath filler:

An overflow bath filler is an incredibly popular option in modern bathrooms, particularly for those looking to adopt a minimalist and contemporary style. Here we explore the reasons why. 

Save space

Unlike traditional setups that require separate fixtures for filling the bathtub and managing the overflow, this innovative fixture combines both functions into a single unit. This streamlined approach not only conserves valuable bathroom space but also provides a cleaner, clutter-free aesthetic. 

Position your taps for your convenience

With an overflow bath filler, as opposed to a traditional system that requires extra plumbing, you gain the flexibility to choose the placement of your hot and cold taps. This means optimal convenience and accessibility. For example, if you prefer to recline in your bathtub, you can strategically position the taps within arm's reach so you can adjust the water temperature and flow without effort. 

Find the perfect temperature

An overflow bath filler allows you to control the temperature of your bath as you soak. Simply reach for the built-in knob and set it at the perfect temperature rather than having to spend time finding the balance between hot and cold. 

Manage water pressure & flow rates

When overflow bath fillers first emerged, they were only suitable for high-pressure systems. These days, with the inclusion of a pump, you can perfectly manage water pressure and flow rates easily. 

Overflow Bath Filler FAQs

Do I Need Taps With An Overflow Bath Filler?

With an overflow bath filler, you still need to purchase hot and cold water taps or a digital smart valve separately. These will supply the water to the overflow bath filler to allow it to function properly.

As mentioned above, our complete overflow filler and shower kit comes with everything you need, so there is no need to buy separate mixer taps.

Are Overflow Bath Fillers Slow?


The speed at which an overflow bath filler fills your tub can depend on several factors, with one of the key factors being the size of the supply hoses connected to it. Larger supply hoses can deliver water at a faster rate, which speeds up the filling process. However, it's important to note that the flow rate may also be influenced by the water pressure in your plumbing system. The speed of the water with an overflow bath filler, will be no slower than if you fitted a tap.

How do you fit an overflow bath filler?

The bath you purchase will dictate where you can have your bath filler fitted. Many baths come with pre-drilled holes, like some of ours. This saves you the hassle of having to hire a plumber to do the job, meaning more expenditure on your renovation.

If you already have a bath and would like to fit an overflow bath filler, you should hire a professional plumber. They will select a suitable location, make necessary holes and connect the hot and cold water supply. After this, they will secure the filler to prevent leaks, connect the overflow drain and test.

34 St John’s experienced design consultants can help you create the bath of your dreams. Discover our overflow bath fillers today.

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