How to Create a Country Style Bathroom | 11 Country Style Bathroom Ideas

Published by: Kevin Sears

14th March 24

Colour Scheme

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The appeal of a country-style bathroom lies in its warm and inviting atmosphere, reminiscent of a charming farmhouse or a cottage nestled in the countryside. If you're yearning for a rustic yet charming bathroom, follow these design tips and ideas to transform your space into a country-style retreat.

1. Natural Elements and Materials:

To create a country style bathroom, you should start with the fundamentals - incorporating natural elements and materials into your bathroom design. Opt for wooden vanities, exposed beams, or reclaimed wood accents to bring the warmth of nature indoors. Stone or wood-inspired tiles can be used for flooring and stone wall features further enhancing the rustic aesthetic.

Here are some ideas and examples of natural elements and materials to integrate into a country-style bathroom:

Reclaimed Wood:

Use reclaimed wood for various elements in the bathroom such as shelves, or accent walls. The weathered and textured appearance of reclaimed wood adds rustic charm and warmth.

Stone or Tile Flooring:

Opt for stone or tile flooring with a natural finish. Flagstone, slate, or ceramic tiles that mimic the look of natural stone can evoke the feel of a country cottage or farmhouse.

Exposed Wooden Beams:

If the bathroom architecture allows, consider exposing wooden ceiling beams. This architectural detail contributes to the country aesthetic, creating a cosy and inviting atmosphere.

Brick Walls:

Exposed brick walls bring a sense of history and texture to the bathroom. Consider leaving brick walls in their natural state or applying a light wash to enhance the country vibe.

Natural Stone Countertops:

Choose natural stone countertops for vanities. Materials like granite or marble can add elegance while maintaining a connection to nature. Opt for honed or matte finishes for a softer look.

Barn Wood Accents:

Use barn wood for accent pieces, such as frames, mirrors, or panelling. The weathered appearance of barn wood adds authenticity and a touch of nostalgia.

Natural Light:

Maximise natural light by incorporating large windows or skylights. This not only connects the bathroom to the outdoors but also enhances the brightness of the space.

Plants and Greenery:

Bring the outdoors inside with potted plants or fresh flowers. Greenery adds life, colour, and a refreshing touch to the country-style bathroom.


Enhance the cosy atmosphere with candles. Place candles in vintage candle holders or lanterns to create a warm and inviting ambiance.

2. Earthy Colour Palette:

Choose a warm and earthy colour palette to create a cosy and inviting space. Soft shades of beige, cream, and muted tones of green or blue can work wonders.

Earthy tones evoke a sense of warmth, cosiness, and a connection to nature, which aligns perfectly with the rustic and inviting atmosphere that is characteristic of country-style design.

Here are some popular earthy colours that work well in country-style bathrooms:
  • Beige and Cream: These neutral tones provide a versatile backdrop for the rest of your design elements. They create a serene atmosphere and pair well with other earthy colours.
  • Soft Greens and Blues: Muted shades of green or blue can add a touch of nature to your bathroom, reflecting the colours of the countryside. These colours can be used for accents or as the main colour scheme.
  • Warm Browns: Shades of warm brown, such as tan or cocoa, contribute to the earthy feel in a country-style bathroom. Consider using these tones for wooden elements like vanities or exposed beams.
  • Terracotta and Rust: These warm, reddish-brown tones can add a pop of colour to your bathroom while maintaining the earthy theme. Consider incorporating terracotta tiles or rust-coloured accents.
  • Soft Yellows: A gentle, buttery yellow can bring a subtle warmth to your bathroom. This colour works well for walls, linens, or as an accent colour in accessories.
  • Taupe: A versatile and timeless colour, taupe combines elements of brown and grey. It provides a neutral base while still contributing to the earthy palette.

3. Feature walls: 

Feature walls are a very popular choice in country style bathrooms. Feature walls offer a focal point that captures attention and sets the tone for the entire space. Embracing rustic charm and simplicity, these walls often showcase natural materials such as: 

  • Reclaimed wood
  • Stone or brick
  • Textured tiles
  • Textured paint like sponge painting
  • Barn wood (vertically or horizontally)
Incorporating a feature wall into a country style bathroom allows you to: 
  • Personalise the space by incorporating natural, rustic elements, creating contrast, or infusing a sense of history, which all contribute to the cosy and welcoming atmosphere which is found within country bathroom design.
  • Enhance the aesthetics of key elements within the bathroom, such as the bathtub, vanity, or mirror, providing a curated and visually pleasing backdrop.
  • Can create a space that not only adheres to the principles of country design but also reflects your individual style.
  • Introduce rustic materials like stone, wood or distinctive textures, allowing the feature wall to become a statement piece that contributes to the authenticity and timelessness of the country-style bathroom.

4. Open Shelving and Baskets:

Ditch the conventional cabinets for open shelving made of wood or wrought iron. Display your neatly folded towels, toiletries, and rustic décor items on these shelves. Wicker baskets can also be used to add a touch of texture while keeping your essentials organised.

Some shelves that you can incorporate into your country style bathroom design include: 

Wooden Floating Shelves:

Opt for wooden floating shelves made from reclaimed or distressed wood. The natural grain and imperfections in the wood contribute to the rustic charm of a country-style bathroom. You can choose floating shelves in various lengths and widths, depending on the available wall space.

Rustic Ladder Shelves:

Ladder shelves made from weathered or barn wood are a unique and space-efficient option. They provide a tiered display surface and add vertical interest to the bathroom. Ladder shelves can be leaned against the wall or mounted securely for stability.

Wrought Iron Shelving Units:

Consider wrought iron shelving units with wooden or metal shelves. The combination of sturdy iron frames and rustic wooden shelves creates a perfect blend of durability and country-style aesthetics. These units often feature open wire designs, adding an industrial touch.

Other Options Include: 

  • Vintage wooden cabinets without doors
  • Barn wood wall shelves
  • Pallet wood shelves
  • Metal and wood combination shelves
  • Wicker or rattan shelves

5. Vintage Mirrors:

Choose mirrors with distressed or ornate frames to enhance the vintage charm of your country-style bathroom. Additionally consider using multiple smaller mirrors instead of one large one to create a unique focal point.

Vintage mirror styles for your country bathroom include:

Distressed Wood Frames:

Opt for vintage mirrors with distressed wooden frames. Weathered and worn wood adds an authentic rustic charm to the space. Look for frames with intricate detailing or carvings for an extra touch of vintage elegance.

Antique Gold or Brushed Brass Finishes:

The richness of these metallic finishes complements the warm tones often found in country design. Additionally choose mirrors with ornate detailing for a classic vintage look.

Wrought Iron Frames:

Wrought iron mirrors with simple or elaborate designs work well in a country-style bathroom. The durability and timeless appeal of wrought iron add an industrial and rustic element, enhancing the overall vintage aesthetic.

Beaded or Reclaimed Wood Frames:

Mirrors with beaded or reclaimed wood frames provide a subtle yet distinctive vintage touch. Bead detailing adds a touch of sophistication, while reclaimed wood contributes to the overall rustic theme.

Arched or Windowpane Mirrors:

Embrace classic architectural elements with arched or windowpane mirrors. These styles can add visual interest to the bathroom. Windowpane mirrors can also create the illusion of more space and bring in additional light.

Framed Vintage Medicine Cabinets:

Vintage-style medicine cabinets with framed mirrors offer both functionality and charm. Look for cabinets with wooden frames and details like bevelled edges for an authentic vintage feel.

Other vintage style mirrors include: 

  • Oval or round vintage mirrors
  • Muted or pastel coloured mirrors
  • Rustic metal framed mirrors

6. Quaint Accessories:

Pay attention to the smallest of details by adding quaint accessories like Mason jar soap dispensers, vintage glass jars for cotton balls, and old-fashioned soap dishes. These small touches contribute to the overall charm of the space.

Country-style bathrooms are known for their charming and quaint aesthetic, often inspired by rural and farmhouse themes. To enhance the cosy and inviting atmosphere, consider incorporating the following types of quaint accessories into your country-style bathroom:

Country bathroom accessories include:

Mason Jar Soap Dispensers:

Replace standard soap dispensers with mason jars. This simple switch adds a touch of rustic charm and nostalgia to your bathroom. You can either purchase mason jar soap dispensers or make your own by repurposing jars.

Vintage Glass Jars:

Display vintage glass jars on open shelves or countertops. These jars can be used to store cotton balls, buds, or other bathroom essentials. Look for jars with intricate designs or unique shapes for added character.

Mirror Trays:

Mirror trays can serve both functional and decorative purposes. They add a touch of elegance while providing a reflective surface. Look for mirrors with distressed frames or ornate detailing.

Wicker Baskets:

Wicker baskets are versatile accessories that bring texture to the bathroom. Use them to store towels, toiletries, or even as a decorative element on open shelves. Wicker's natural and rustic appeal aligns well with country-style design.

Quilted Bathroom Linens:

Choose bathroom linens, such as towels and shower curtains, with quaint quilted patterns. These add a cosy and traditional touch, bringing to mind the comfort of a country farmhouse.

Farmhouse Signs or Plaques:

Hang vintage-inspired signs or plaques with quotes, sayings, or simple messages. These can contribute to the overall theme of the bathroom and add a personalised touch.

Dried Flowers or Lavender Bundles:

Place dried flowers or bundles of lavender in small vases or pitchers. These natural elements not only add a pop of colour but also bring a fresh and fragrant aspect to the space.

Other country style bathroom accessories include:

  • Vintage-style toothbrush holders
  • Rustic candle holders
  • Dainty floral shower curtains or window curtains
  • Vintage-style soap dishes
  • Quaint towel hooks or towel rails (particularly brushed brass)
  • Hand-painted or handcrafted decor like wooden signs or pottery
  • Glass plant vases

7. Textured Fabrics:

Incorporate textured fabrics for your shower curtain, bath mat, and curtains. Opt for materials like linen or burlap to add a tactile element to the room. Gingham or floral patterns can also contribute to the country-style aesthetic.

Country bathroom fabrics include:

Cotton and Linen:

Cotton and linen fabrics are classic choices for country-style bathrooms. They bring a natural, breathable feel to the space and can be used for towels, shower curtains, and window treatments. Look for fabrics with subtle textures or woven patterns.

Waffle Weave Towels:

Waffle weave towels add a delightful texture to the bathroom. The raised square pattern not only looks charming but also enhances absorbency. Choose neutral or muted colours for a timeless country aesthetic.

Hemp and Jute:

For bath rugs or mats, consider textures made from natural fibres like hemp or jute. These materials add a rustic touch and work well with the earthy colour palettes often found in country-style design.

Quilted Fabrics:

Quilted fabrics, whether in the form of shower curtains, window valances, or decorative cushions, bring a cosy and traditional feel to the bathroom. Look for quilting patterns that align with the overall country theme.

Floral or Gingham Prints:

Floral and gingham prints on fabrics like curtains or shower curtains contribute to the classic country look.

Burlap Accents:

Burlap, with its rough texture, can be used sparingly to bring an element of rustic charm. Consider burlap shower curtains, window valances, or small decorative accents like storage baskets or wall organisers.

Plaid or Chequered Patterns:

Plaid or chequered patterns on towels, shower curtains, or even window treatments contribute to the country aesthetic. These patterns evoke a sense of tradition and familiarity.

8. Freestanding Bathtub:

Freestanding baths can be a stunning focal point in a country-style bathroom, contributing to the overall charm and relaxation of the space. When selecting a freestanding bath for a country-style bathroom, consider designs that align with the rustic, cosy, and timeless aesthetic.

Here are types of freestanding baths that work well in country-style bathrooms:

Roll-Top Tubs:

Roll-top tubs have a curved rim that extends above the edge of the tub. This design provides a comfortable place to rest your head and adds a touch of elegance. Consider roll-top tubs with ball and claw feet for a traditional country look.

Slipper Tubs:

Slipper tubs have one raised end, offering a more comfortable and reclined bathing experience. This style often has a classic silhouette and works well in country-style bathrooms. Look for slipper tubs with vintage-style feet for added charm.

Copper or Brass Soaking Tubs:

Copper or brass freestanding soaking tubs can bring luxury to a country-style bathroom. These materials develop a beautiful patina over time, adding to the rustic appeal. Consider hammered or textured finishes for extra character.

Double-Ended Freestanding Tubs:

Double-ended freestanding baths have a symmetrical design with a raised rim at both ends. This allows for comfortable bathing for two people or provides a spacious bathing area for a single person. Choose a double-ended tub with simple lines for a country aesthetic.

Freestanding bath

9. Country Style Bathroom Sinks:

Here are types of sinks that work well in country-style bathrooms:

Farmhouse Sink:

A farmhouse sink is a quintessential choice for a country-style bathroom. These sinks have a large, exposed front panel that extends beyond the edge of the countertop, creating a distinctive and practical design.

Farmhouse sinks are available in various materials, including fireclay, porcelain, and stainless steel. Brushed brass taps pair particularly well with this type of sink style.

Vessel Sink with a Rustic Finish:

Vessel sinks can add elegance to a country-style bathroom, especially if you choose one with a rustic finish. Consider vessel sinks made from materials like copper, stone, or hammered metal. These materials bring in warmth and authenticity and the natural elements found in country style design.

Undermount Sink with Exposed Edges:

An undermount sink is installed beneath the countertop for a seamless look. Choose a model with exposed edges to create a subtle design detail. This type of sink pairs well with natural stone or wooden countertops, enhancing the country charm.

Copper Sink:

A copper sink adds warmth and sophistication to a country-style bathroom. The natural patina that develops over time enhances the rustic appeal. Copper sinks are available in various styles, including vessel sinks and farmhouse sinks. Copper sinks pair well with matte black bathroom fixtures

10. Vintage Fixtures and Hardware:

Vintage fixtures and hardware play a crucial role in enhancing the authenticity and charm of a country-style bathroom. When selecting these elements, aim for designs that evoke a sense of nostalgia, simplicity, and timeless appeal.

Here are types of vintage fixtures and hardware that pair well with a country-style bathroom:

Copper, Bronze or Brushed Brass Taps:

Embrace the vintage charm by selecting fixtures and hardware with an antique or distressed finish. Copper, bronze or brushed brass taps, shower sets, towel rings and vintage-style light fixtures can add a touch of nostalgia and authenticity to your country-style bathroom. These materials also develop a beautiful patina over time, adding to the rustic and aged look that complements the country aesthetic bathroom.

Brass Taps

Widespread Taps with Cross Handles:

Widespread taps with cross handles are reminiscent of vintage plumbing fixtures. The cross handle design adds a classic touch, and the widespread configuration contributes to a traditional and elegant feel.

Wrought Iron Towel Rails and Rings:

Opt for towel bars and rings made of wrought iron. The sturdy and decorative nature of wrought iron complements the country style. Look for fixtures with simple detailing that aligns with the rustic theme.

Vintage-Style Vanity Lights:

Install vanity lights with vintage-inspired designs. Look for fixtures with exposed bulbs, aged metal finishes, or shades reminiscent of traditional lanterns. These fixtures add a warm and nostalgic ambiance.

Vintage-Style Lighting Fixtures:

Select lighting fixtures that have a vintage or farmhouse-inspired design. Chandeliers, pendant lights, or wall sconces with wrought iron elements, candelabra bulbs, or seeded glass shades enhance the timeless and country appeal.

Exposed Shower Fixtures:

Consider exposed shower fixtures with cross handles for a timeless look. Exposed pipes and classic handles contribute to the vintage feel and can be paired with a clawfoot or vintage-style bathtub.

11. Nature-Inspired Décor:

Nature-inspired decor plays a significant role in enhancing the warm and inviting atmosphere of a country-style bathroom. Embracing elements from the natural world can contribute to a sense of tranquillity and connection to the outdoors.

Here are types of nature-inspired decor that pair well with a country-style bathroom:

Botanical Prints:

Decorate the walls with botanical prints or vintage illustrations of flowers, herbs, or other plants. Choose framed prints or create a gallery wall to bring a touch of nature indoors.

Wooden Shelves with Greenery:

Decorate the open wooden shelves with potted plants or small potted herbs. The combination of wood and greenery creates a harmonious and fresh atmosphere.

Rock or Stone Accents:

Bring in natural stone or rock elements, such as river stones in a vase or stone soap dishes. These textures add a grounding and organic touch to the bathroom.

Branches and Twigs:

Use branches or twigs as decorative elements. Place them in a vase, create a DIY wreath, or incorporate them into other decor items for a touch of nature's simplicity.

Animal Motifs:

Integrate decor featuring animal motifs commonly found in the countryside, such as birds, butterflies, or deer. This can include artwork, figurines, or even shower curtains with nature-inspired prints.

Nature-Inspired Fabrics:

Choose fabrics with nature-inspired patterns, such as florals, leaves, or wildlife. Use these fabrics for shower curtains, window treatments, or decorative towels to bring the outdoors inside.

Rustic Wooden Furniture:

If space allows, include rustic wooden furniture pieces like a wooden stool or bench. These items contribute to the country's aesthetic and provide both functionality and visual interest.

Nature-Themed Artwork:

Hang artwork that depicts landscapes, scenic views, or rural life. Paintings or prints featuring barns, fields, or forests can create a serene and countryside ambiance.

Antique Watering Cans or Pitchers:

Display antique watering cans or pitchers as decorative elements. These items evoke a rural, farmhouse feel and can also serve as unique containers for floral arrangements.


Creating a country-style bathroom is all about embracing the beauty of simplicity and natural elements. By incorporating these design tips and ideas, you can transform your bathroom into a tranquil retreat that exudes the beautiful, rustic charm of a country style bathroom. Whether you live in the countryside or the heart of the city, a country-style bathroom provides a cosy sanctuary where you can unwind and enjoy the simple pleasures of life.

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