Small Bathroom Designs: 6 Ideas for Your Downstairs Cloakroom

Published by: Kevin Sears

21st September 23

Bathroom Ideas

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When you’re designing a small bathroom, it can often feel like you have to prioritize function over style. You’ve only got so much room to experiment with and it’s easy for fixtures to make the space look cramped. 

With the right downstairs cloakroom ideas, though, you can optimize your use of space while adding a distinct and timeless style. In this article, we explore six ideas to help you do so. Look out for tips from interior designers, smart, space-saving product recommendations and installation tips. 

6 downstairs cloakroom ideas to optimize your space

Ready to get started? We’ve included tips you can implement right away as well as larger, more transformative ideas. 

1. Choose the right colour for your walls

It’s common knowledge that lighter colours tend to be more effective in making a room look larger. And as Interior Designer Tanya Peters points out, “‘A light wall colour will allow the natural light to move around the space.” Here are some excellent colour choices for your bathroom walls:

  • Creams, whites and beiges
  • Pale, pastel blues and greens
  • Light grey 

If you want to add brighter colours, you can do so in accents. These will create a sense of depth and add a touch of sophistication, but you need to make sure that the overall colour scheme is unbroken light.   

2. Make good use of mirrors

Mirrors are a great trick when you’re looking to maximize space in a room. By strategically placing them across from a natural light source or adjacent to light fixtures, you can amplify the perception of depth and create the illusion of a larger space. 

Mirrored cabinets are also a great way to achieve this effect, providing extra storage space at the same time. Take a look at ours as an example — it even comes with inbuilt lights to make your room feel more inviting.

3. Choose the right lighting solution

The optimal lighting solution will enhance your bathroom, making it appear larger and more inviting. The wrong choice can make your space feel dingy and claustrophobic.

 Consider incorporating these tips into your lighting plan:

  • Maximize natural light by keeping windows unobstructed and using frosted glass for privacy
  • Install a skylight if no windows are available 
  • Combine different types of lighting, such as ambient, task, and accent lights, to create depth
  • Use overhead fixtures, vanity lights, and wall sconces strategically to eliminate shadows and evenly illuminate the room
  • Use lighting fixtures with a high Color Rendering Index (CRI) to add brightness to colours in the space

4. Use vertical space

Designer Natalia Miyar describes that “'Decorating vertically allows you to utilize different levels and is a great way to make use of empty space in a scheme.”  You can make the most out of your bathroom, by including these features:


5. Install a cloakroom basin

A cloakroom basin, also known as a wall-hung basin, is specifically designed to fit into tight spaces like corners. This allows you to make efficient use of space and create a more streamlined bathroom layout.  You can also incorporate extra storage solutions underneath it. 

6. Minimize clutter

The biggest thing to avoid in a small bathroom is clutter. All of the light-optimizing and space-saving tricks in the world can’t save you if you simply have too many things in your room.

Introduce wall-hung vanities, mirrored cabinets and plenty of containers to keep your space tidy. You should also look to introduce open shelving to break things up visually. 

Wall hung vanity unit

Making your small bathroom work for you

If you’re ready to transform your small bathroom and want help bringing these downstairs cloakroom ideas to life, get in touch. Our range of wall-hung accessories, innovative toilets and smart storage solutions are exactly what you need to create a sleek, modern design.
Kevin Sears

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Kevin Sears is a bathroom and interior design blogger here at 34 St John. He creates original content utilising his extensive knowledge of the bathroom industry and latest trends.

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