Styling your Bathroom with Luxury Bathroom Accessories

Published by: Kevin Sears

31st October 23


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Bathrooms are no longer just functional spaces; they have transformed into personal sanctuaries where you can truly indulge into your self-care routine. Elevating your bathroom to a spa-like oasis doesn't always require a full renovation. Sometimes, all it takes is adding a few carefully chosen bathroom accessories to achieve that luxurious feel that you dream of.

In this guide, we'll explore how you can style your bathroom with luxury bathroom accessories including cabinets, mirrors, robe hooks, towel rings and rails and more. You can create a bathroom of your dreams even with the most basic items, like toilet roll holders, toilet brush holders and basin wastes! Read on to find out how.

Towel Rings

Towel rings might be an accessory you have never considered to add to your bathroom. However, towel rings are not just fixtures; they are one of the finishing touches that can add a serious touch of elegance to your bathroom. They are like bathroom jewellery.

Choosing a towel ring crafted from the finest materials such as brushed steel, polished chrome, or the ageless charm of brass, can create a premium atmosphere in your bathroom. These types of materials not only create a statement but can stand the test of time, resisting corrosion and tarnish, making sure your bathroom keeps its rich shine for decades.

Where to place towel rings in your bathroom

When choosing the placement of towel rings, be deliberate. Position them within arm's reach of your bathing area, not only to create convenience for you but also so that you don’t create wet puddles across your bathroom. The small details really do matter. To create that 5* hotel bathroom feeling, every fixture in the bathroom should be placed perfectly, in an ideal spot.

Towel Rings

Toilet roll holders

A toilet roll holder - we know it isn’t exactly the most inspiring accessory. But that’s why it’s important. When trying to create a luxurious bathroom space, you want to think about all of the details - even the things that are often brushed aside.

If you think about it, in one day you use the toilet a lot more often than the shower. So every time you reach for the toilet roll you will be reminded of that luxurious feeling.

We have a beautiful collection of toilet roll holders, available in finishes that range from the classic brushed brass, contemporary chrome, dramatic matt black and more. These finishes can really lift your bathroom aesthetic and introduce that spa-like feeling that you have been craving.

Tip: Match the finish and style of your toilet roll holder with your toilet brush holder to create a consistent and luxurious feel in your bathroom.

Toilet roll holders

Wall-Mounted Toilet Brush Holders

If you are wanting to create a luxurious, clean space, a toilet brush holder is a must-have accessory. It not only keeps your toilet clean, it can up-lift even the smallest of details and enhance the sophistication of your bathroom. Imagine it, a white plastic toilet brush holder against other luxurious looking materials - it doesn’t feel right does it?

A toilet brush holder is often something you hide and tuck away behind the toilet for no one to see. But with a wall-mounted toilet brush holder, it can become part of the interior and tie in with everything else in the bathroom, creating consistency.

Placing a wall-mounted toilet brush holder by the toilet can also create accessibility, allowing for easy reach during cleaning routines. Beyond their primary function, these wall-mounted holders can create a streamlined, minimalist yet luxurious aesthetic in your bathroom.

Choose wall-mounted holders crafted from the finest materials like modern matte black or the timeless shine of polished chrome. Or you might opt for brushed brass to create a truly luxurious and elegant feel. These materials resist against wear and tear and maintain their pristine appearance, keeping your bathroom looking refined over the years. 

Tip: Another point to add is that investing in a built-to-last toilet brush holder is much more sustainable than buying multiple plastic ones over the years.

Wall-Mounted Toilet Brush Holders

Robe Hooks

Robe hooks are one accessory that can create that spa-like haven that you have been dreaming of. They are both extremely practical and aesthetically pleasing.

Stepping out of your shower, clean and refreshed, you want to be able to reach for your towel or robe (or both) easily and quickly (especially in the winter). Installing robe hooks near your shower or bath creates ultimate convenience and luxury. It also keeps your robe and towel clean, your space uncluttered and your self-care routine effortless. Because after all, taking a shower or bath is supposed to feel heavenly and easy, it is not to be a chore.

It does not stop there - another key to robe hooks are in the details. Choose robe hooks that coordinate with your towel rings, toilet roll holder and toilet brush holder to create consistency. Consider materials like brushed brass or gold accents to add an extravagant touch to your bathroom, turning it into a lavish dressing room.

Our robe hooks are simple, space-saving and stylish. They can be wall-mounted to virtually any door or wall and the efficient design helps to create a clean and clutter-free environment. They are available in brushed brass, brushed steel, chrome and matt black.

Tip: Robe hooks can also be used to hang your clothes whilst you are in the shower or bath. They are very versatile - we know it is in the name but they are not solely just for robes!Robe Hooks

Towel Rails

Towel rails are an essential bathroom accessory that offer an excellent opportunity for injecting luxury. Wall-mounted towel rails with minimalist designs provide the ideal blend of form and function.

Towel rails are a very practical accessory that can save storage space by holding your towel, ready for when you shower/bath. They can be used in addition to towel rings, to create ultimate convenience for all types of trips to the bathroom. A towel rail can also be used for the purpose of drying your towel after you have finished your self-care routine. Whichever way you like to use your towel rail, they are very practical and can even create a luxury designer look.

When selecting finishes, opt for options that seamlessly blend with your bathroom's colour palette. If you truly want to elevate your bathroom experience, consider heated towel rails, which transform your towels into cosy, spa-like luxuries.

Tip: Use your towel rail to also hang your hand towel and face towel so you can conveniently grab and use whichever towel is needed in the moment.Towel Rails

Shower Sets

Turn your daily shower into a luxurious escape by upgrading your shower set. Rainfall showerheads and adjustable hand showers are excellent choices for achieving a spa-like experience at home.

Whether you take one or two showers a day, that daily experience should feel heavenly right? It is part of our much needed self-care routine and when it feels luxurious the experience is amplified. Taking a shower is our alone time, our time to get ready for the day or reflect on our day, it has all the right to feel special.

To maintain a cohesive look, choose shower sets with sleek, modern designs. We have shower sets available in chrome, brushed brass, brushed steel or Matt black finishes. These choices not only create a sense of opulence but also deliver that rejuvenating shower experience that everyone dreams of.

Our two or three-way wall-mounted shower sets are unique in design and have innovative features. Blending luxury with practicality, the shower sets ensure a consistent water temperature, protecting you from sudden temperature changes. The wall-mounted shower heads are also generously sized, creating a rain-like experience, you really could stand under it for hours.

Shower Sets

Basin Wastes

Even the smallest and overlooked bathroom accessories, like basin wastes and bath wastes can contribute to a luxurious atmosphere and convenience.

The last thing you want when aiming for luxury, is for your sink to become easily blocked. This creates all kinds of inconvenience when all you are trying to do is brush your teeth or wash your face after a long day. Additionally, a basin waste or a bath waste allows you to fill up your basin or bath tub with water too - another part of your self-care ritual that you will want to work efficiently. No one wants to run a bath to find that the water is being drained from the tub at the same time.

This concludes why high-quality basin wastes are a very important accessory when aiming to create a luxury bathroom experience. The finish of the pop-up wastes are also an important aspect to consider. Polished finishes can create a seamless and refined appearance that complements your basin's overall design. It's the little details that truly matter when it comes to crafting a luxury bathroom.

Our basin and bath wastes are an elevated alternative to the traditional plug and chain. Once the basin or bath waste is slotted into place, you simply press a button and you’ll have a smooth yet stylish solution for your basin or bath. Our basin wastes also come with a freeflow adapter so you can avoid flooding without thought! Now, that is effortless luxury.

Tip: At 34 St John we sell a white basin and bath wastes, they have a very discrete design and blend perfectly into the basin/bath. They are our best sellers.Basin Wastes 

Mirrors and mirrored cabinets

Mirrors are both functional and decorative, making them a focal point in any bathroom. Consider framed mirrors with intricate detailing to make a statement, backlit mirrors to provide a soft, flattering glow or mirrored cabinets to save space and create a modern feel.

When properly placed, mirrors can make your bathroom feel more spacious and reflect the luxury that surrounds them. Adding or replacing a mirror, or updating your mirrored cabinets is a very easy way to update your bathroom without having to do a full renovation.

Our modern mirror cabinets not only offer essential storage space but also serve as a striking focal point in your bathroom. The concealed soft hinges provide a gentle and quiet closure, allowing your bathroom to remain as a serene and peaceful retreat. 

At 34 St John we also have a steam-free mirror cabinet. If your after shower self-care routine gets disrupted by the steam collected on your mirror, then this is the perfect solution for you. Combining practicality with elegance, this advanced mirror-style features an integrated glass defogger function and internal LED lighting. It offers optimal visibility and adds an ambient, tranquil atmostphere to your bathroom space.

Ultimately, we all want to enjoy the time spent looking at ourselves. It is vital.

Tip: Adding more than one mirror or mirrored cabinet to your bathroom can create a luxurious spa-like feel.

Mirrors and mirrored cabinets


Creating a luxury bathroom is all about the details. From the gleam of high-quality materials to the sleek, modern designs that tie everything together, each accessory plays a crucial role in crafting a spa-like oasis within your home.

By investing in these diverse bathroom accessories, you can transform your daily routines into moments of indulgence, making your bathroom a retreat of relaxation and style. So, let your imagination run wild, explore the world of luxury bathroom accessories, and turn your daily bathing experience into a ritual of sophistication.

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