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Wet Room

Elegant simplicity, modern design and unrivalled practicality, wet rooms bring the contemporary open plan style to the bathroom. Optimise your bathroom space, create an accessible shower experience for all and add value to your property with ease when you buy one of our innovative wet rooms in a box..

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a wet room?

Wet rooms are waterproofed showering areas within a bathroom. Unlike other shower types, wet rooms don’t require a shower screen, door or tray.

What are the benefits of a wet room?

Wet rooms have many different benefits. Without a shower door, tray or oftentimes a screen, they’re very simple to clean. Wet rooms are also a great choice for people with limited mobility thanks to their open plan design, which also creates a stylish, contemporary look and feel that has driven their popularity. And because of these reasons, wet rooms are known to add value to properties.

How do wet rooms work?

Typically, in order for a wet room to properly function the entire bathroom space must be waterproofed. This is because there is often no shower screen to contain the water, and because there is no separation between the shower area and the rest of the bathroom floor. 

At 34 St John, our innovative wet room kits enable you to create a wet room in your bathroom without waterproofing the entire space. Specially designed for both timber and screed floors, the wet room in a box provides an all-in-one package, including a pre-formed shower base with an integrated shower channel that’s fully waterproofed.

Can I install a wet room in my home?

Wet rooms can be installed in most bathrooms and homes – they even work well in smaller bathrooms because they offer plenty of design flexibility. Wet rooms can be installed in bathrooms with screed and timber floors, and we offer specific wet room kits based on which of these two types of flooring you have. 

In certain properties – for example listed buildings – you may first need to gain permission from your local authority before installing a traditional wet room.

What type of flooring is best for a wet room?

Whether your bathroom has a timber or screed flooring, you can install a wet room in your home with the innovative wet room in a box. With different solutions specially designed for both timber and screed floors, our wet room kits offer the perfect waterproofing solution for every bathroom – ensuring that flooring type isn’t a barrier to installing your wet room.

What colours can I choose for my wet room?

You’re able to stylise your wet room’s shower area by choosing from a range of colours for key components like your shower head and riser rail, and the wet room’s grating. At 34 St John, we offer wet room shower grates in stainless steel, brushed brass and matt black finishes. 

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