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Toilet Seats

Premium toilet seats for contemporary bathrooms. Our easily-installed soft close toilet seats come with silver anti-bacterial protection to ensure the highest hygiene standards. All exclusively made from Italian designs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do all toilet seats fit all toilets?

No. Toilet seats don’t come in a standard size – they’re available in different widths and lengths to fit different sized and shaped toilets. Toilet seats are also available with various fittings and hinges including soft close, which all of our seats use.

How do I know my toilet seat size?

Finding the right sized toilet seat for your toilet requires taking four simple measurements.

Measure from the front end of your toilet to directly between its two fixed holes, which is called the length. Then measure the width of the toilet, the distance between the two fixed holes and the distance from the fixed holes to the cistern or wall behind the toilet pan – known as the height.

What are common toilet seat sizes?

Toilet seat sizes aren’t standardised, which means they’re found in a range of different sizes. Typically, you’ll find toilet seats in widths of 350-380mm and lengths of 400-480mm.

Is it easy to replace a toilet seat?

Replacing a toilet seat is a quick and easy DIY task – providing you’ve correctly measured your toilet and your new seat is the correct size – and with most seats you won’t even need any tools.

First, remove the old seat by taking apart its fixings, which you’ll typically find at the rear of the toilet pan, and removing them. After giving the area a clean, install your new seat’s seal kit and line up the holes to fit your pan. Once you’re happy with the position of the seat, tighten the nuts to properly secure it to your toilet.

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