Top 9 Most Luxurious Bathroom Designs You Can Find

Published by: Kevin Sears

27th September 23

Bathroom Ideas

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When it comes to building a truly modern and luxurious home, few rooms count more than the all-important bathroom. Bathrooms can be a space of serenity within the home, and one of the best ways to make the space feel all the more comfortable is to give it a modern and luxurious shine.

There are so many unique forms that a bathroom can take and it can be a daunting prospect to create a brand-new bathroom entirely from scratch. You’ve probably found your way here because you are looking to create a luxurious bathroom of your own, but you need some inspiration to help you to take those first steps toward creating a truly glorious bathroom.

Luckily, you’ve come to just the right place, because we’re going to take you through 10 of the most luxurious bathroom designs that you can find on the web. 

1. The All-White Bathroom

We figured that there was no better bathroom idea to start with than this amazing pure-white design. We love the absolute simplicity of keeping the room to just one colour; not only does it help to make the whole room look incredibly luxurious, but it also makes it look much more open and spacious. 

White is a naturally reflective colour and it will reflect sunlight that shines in from large windows in the space. Making use of white colours and large windows means that you can go without turning on any lights throughout most of the day, soaking up the natural sunlight from outside. 

The bathtub in this bathroom is situated just beside the window, which would be a stunning place to relax and unwind, especially during the summer months. Feeling the warm waters of the tub as you look out over the splendour of the garden would be the ultimate in opulent relaxation. 

The shower is also pretty striking. It features marble tile work, and an entirely glass screen, giving a real sense of space and indulgence. Hinged door showers work really well in a large bathroom space - stepping into your spacious, natural-lit shower is a real elixir after a long day’s work. 

2. Small Bathroom Luxury

Many luxury bathroom designs make use of wide and expansive spaces, with plenty of windows, and natural sources of light. This can make many people with smaller bathrooms feel as though they can’t achieve that luxury look, but we disagree! There are so many ways that you can make a small bathroom or cloakroom space feel luxurious.

The above design makes perfect use of all available space. The vanity unit is fixed entirely to the wall, without touching the floor, which helps to create a sense of openness. 

In terms of colour, this bathroom makes use of lovely teal tile work. These tiles have a great reflective surface, which allows them to reflect light from all across the room, which helps to make the room look more open, even without a window. The sense of space in this smaller bathroom is also increased thanks to the inclusion of a sizeable round mirror, which helps to open the space up subconsciously. 

Finally, we ought to mention the design of the walk in shower, which is at the same elevation as the rest of the bathroom. The shower space is divided from the rest of the room, with waterproof flooring, and a glass screen. The use of a glass screen helps to keep water from leaking out, while also allowing plenty of light to reach into the space.

3. Skylight Bathroom

Wow, how stunning is this one? Pay attention to how the skylight makes the bathroom look incredibly spacious, providing a deeper sense of connection to nature and the outdoors. Being able to see the clouds rolling overhead in the space makes it almost feel like there is no roof.

The shower space itself is incredibly spacious, with two separate showers that dispense water right from the ceiling, creating a rain-like sensation. The showers are also at the same elevation as the rest of the room, turning this bathroom into more of a wet room.

We love how this room also integrates its lighting fixtures. The horizontal shelving space within the shower features a long light that helps to bring a sense of shape to the room, by exaggerating its width. Lighting can also be found in the back of its many shelves - the shelves look as though they are glowing.

And of course, we have to mention the dual-tap design of the main washing area. This bathroom is great for couples that want to live in luxury, as both can easily make use of each tap, as well as the tall full-length mirrors. The height of these mirrors helps to make the already large space look even larger. 

Additionally, the square countertop basins are a trendy nod to the dramatic angles used in modern industrial styles, and they give the space a real sense of modern luxury.

4. Nature-Inspired Bathroom

We simply love the way that this bathroom is designed with a clear inspiration from nature. From the colour used in the space, to the bronze fixtures, and use of stone - we could truly think of no better bathroom to unwind and relax in.

Let’s start by talking about the colours. The dominant colour here is a very subtle grey, which can be found on the walls, and even the marble floor. This grey colour is then further complemented by the inclusion of brown and green tones, which help to create a naturalistic surrounding. We love the way that the plant work surrounds the central mirror, literally bringing the outdoors directly into your home.

The use of wood to adorn the adjacent wall helps to further highlight the natural design, and the rope light fixtures that hang from the ceiling truly help to complete the look, giving it a rustic appeal that creates a story within the space.

Finally, we have to talk about the freestanding bathtub. The smoothly curved shape of the tub contrasts the largely geometrical shape of some of the other fixtures, and the use of pebbles at the foot of the bath is a stroke of genius that I absolutely love. It makes stepping out of the tub feel like stepping out of the ocean, onto a pebble beach - what more could you want?!

5. Japanese-Inspired Modernity

The beautiful Japanese influences in this bathroom shine through in every inch of its incredible design. The space makes use of simple shapes, like circles and squares, through mirrors, shower screens, and even the lighting fixtures themselves. 

The sizable round mirror at the centre of the space is backlit, which helps to create a sense of serenity within the space. Unlike many popular bathroom designs which exaggerated lighting, this space makes use of more subtle colours and hidden lighting to create a space that feels more private and intimate. 

Japanese architecture is big on blurring the boundaries between the interior and nature. In this bathroom, we love the inclusion of stones just underneath the basin, which helps to add a natural flair to a space that is otherwise very geometrical. It creates a blend of modern and natural that we simply cannot get enough of. 

6. Lavender Wet Room Bathroom

Purple is not a colour that is often used when it comes to designing and decorating bathrooms, however, this truly glorious bathroom makes the absolute most of it. 

Let’s start by addressing the greatest element of this room; the amazing purple flower arrangement that adorns the back wall, just above the freestanding tub. The purple directly contrasts with the duller tones in the space but easily draws the eye into the centre of the room, giving it a real ‘wow’  moment.

The eye-catching centrepiece is helped by the geometrical design of the rest of the room. The room has a square shape that leads the eye down, towards the centre, and this is matched by the sharp shapes of the taps, the shower screen, and the mirrors. 

As well as the shape of the room, the lighting also helps to create a greater sense of space. A sizable skylight above the purple flowers allows loads of natural light to bleed in during the day, while light fixtures help to keep the space illuminated during the night time. 

The shower heads are directly fixed to the wall, creating a sense of luxurious minimalism and an opportunity to enjoy the large space while showering. Wet rooms are an excellent idea in large bathroom spaces, giving you a sense of 5* luxury in your own home.

7. Divided Bathroom

Sometimes, simplicity is king, so you might want to go for a simple design that makes your luxury bathroom look a little more subtle, yet still oozes amazing flair. 

We loved how this bathroom design took a very simple space and managed to divide it into two distinct spaces with just a little bit of clever design, and a focus on colour. 

The main bathroom space is off-white, a trendy light colour that allows the room to look much larger and more open, while the shower and bath space is all black and slightly raised from the rest of the bathroom structure. This makes the space feel like separate rooms - you have the shower and bath space for intimate, relaxing moments, and the toilet space for day-to-day usage. We love the fact that the washing space features a white bathtub, creating a central focal point.

8. Small Bathroom Space

When it comes to making the most of a smaller bathroom space, we simply love the way that this design went about it. With a basin and vanity unit fixed to the wall, the essentials of bathroom furniture create optimum storage space without bloating the room.

We love that the walk in shower site adjacent to the window, so that natural light can reach into the room throughout the day, while helping to make the shower space feel even more open. 

9. Black And Brown

Story Pin image

Black and brown actually go together really nicely, as displayed by this amazing bathroom. Black is a colour that might usually be used very sparingly within the design of a bathroom, as it can be quite overpowering, though this room manages to blend it perfectly with the natural brown hues and use of stone.

The brown colours used in this bathroom help to inject a sense of nature into the space, making it a more relaxing and serene space to unwind in. The use of wood throughout the room, with the thin strips of wood that adorn the walls, and the natural wood that makes up the countertop, helps soften the black tones and bring nature indoors. 

And of course, we loved the inclusion of the large windows that reach all the way down to the floor, allowing loads of light in, and creating a more serene and vibrant space. 

When it comes to lighting, this room manages to be incredibly open and vibrant during the daytime, while during the night-time it changes into a more serene and snug space thanks to hidden lights between the walls, and the recessed lighting fixtures that make the wood glow. 

To Wrap Up

There are so many ways that you can inject a bit of luxury into a bathroom space, and these are easily among some of the very best. 

Don’t feel limited by any of these designs, but allow them to fuel your creativity.

Kevin Sears

About Kevin Sears

Kevin Sears is a bathroom and interior design blogger here at 34 St John. He creates original content utilising his extensive knowledge of the bathroom industry and latest trends.

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